Cloud solutions for the pharmaceutical sector

Atlas Cloud can help you take advantage of the latest in cloud technology to super-charge your R&D efficiency, reducing your time to market.

Lower your expenditure on expensive IT infrastructure by utilising our subscription IT solutions and free up your IT resources to concentrate on digital transformation projects.

How the pharmaceutical sector can benefit from the cloud

Atlas Cloud and the pharmaceutical sector

Since 2010 Atlas Cloud have been providing a wide range of cloud hosted solutions to customers in many industries including the pharmaceutical sector.

The best security

As the pharmaceutical industry is such a heavily regulated one, ensuring that your security is water tight is essential. At Atlas Cloud we are dedicated to ensuring the security of our customers and we have the accreditations to back it up. Both us and our UK based data centres are ISO 27001 certified and on top of this we hold BS10012 (which shows our processes comply with GDPR), Cyber-Essentials and ISO 9001 certifications.

Moving your data off-site and into our private cloud data centres may seem risky to some, but in reality they provide a level of security on-site solutions struggle to match. It helps to reduce any weaknesses that can be caused by having data on-site only where it can be susceptible to fire or flood damage. Ensuring that your intellectual property is protected is vital in the pharmaceutical sector so we help keep your data where it should be and not in the hands of cyber-attackers. We partner with industry leading email security provider Mimecast to provide the best protection for your emails to help keep your networks free from viruses, spam, impersonation attacks and malicious URLs and attachments.

The best technology

In a fast paced and rapidly changing environment you need the right tools to stay ahead. Our Hosted Desktops allow your users the ability to access all data, apps and email within a familiar Windows setup, from any device and resume their session exactly where they left off. They are perfect for busy on-the-go workers, like pharmaceutical sales reps.

We also offer application hosting, where we take your existing on-site legacy applications and move them into our data centres. This allows users to access the application anywhere without any previous limitations of only being able to use it on the device it was installed on. This level of accessibility is now expected from users and gives them the ability to work just as well remotely as they would in the office.

Moving your desktops or applications away from an on-site setup allows you to decommission your old servers and save both time and money which would be spent installing, updating and maintaining servers and software.

You will also benefit from our award-winning support team who can handle the day-to-day stuff allowing you to focus on your bigger IT strategies. Our team is made up of technical engineers and not call-handlers, ensuring your issues are fixed fast.

Business continuity

Atlas Cloud can ensure that your company has the best business continuity in place to maximise uptime and minimise user downtime. We’ve partnered with industry leader Zerto to bring you a disaster recovery service with a continuous sync and replication solution which ensures you’ll be back up and running in under 15 minutes in the event of an outage with only a few seconds of lost data.

You can always turn to Atlas Cloud for industry leading solutions, including travel cloud solutions.

New Research

Our recent, nationwide research shows what can be learnt from working during lockdown. Download the report today.

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