Security in the cloud vs. on-premise solutions

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When thinking about adopting a cloud computing strategy one thing to consider is security. The ongoing battle whether data should remain on-premise or move to the cloud is slowly becoming outdated. Although it’s easy to remain in your comfort zone where you can physically see where your data sits, it’s also less effective for your business.

So what should you consider if you are concerned about security in the cloud?


With on-premise solutions, when the number of staff fluctuates it is difficult to adapt. A new employee? You will need to purchase a full set of kit. An employee leaves? You are left with unused hardware and devices.

If this happens within the cloud we can simply add or remove users. Implementation of new users can be delivered on the same day. Likewise, if an employee leaves, this user can be removed for you quickly. This allows for hassle-free management of users, a reduction in costs and saves time for in-house IT teams.


Storing data within the office does not eliminate the risk of files and hardware being tampered with. Within most organisations, if there are file back-ups they have the same chance of being tampered with as the originals. All data that is stored in the office is physically available rather than stored externally. This means disaster, like a fire, can easily obliterate all data and hardware.

It’s also not enough to simply keep an eye on your data during work hours when an attack could happen at any time of the day. Technology is needed that constantly watches and records deep system activity. This includes logins, processes, network activity and file changes. By keeping a close eye on all activity thoroughly your cloud provider will be able to monitor any unusual behaviour and respond quickly.


Looking at where your data is being stored and if the managed service provider has obtained any security standards qualifications will determine how secure the location is. It’s not enough to put a lock on your office door and then claim data is safe and secure.

Atlas Cloud was the first UK ISO 27001:2013 certified managed services company which demonstrates the commitment to information security whilst giving you reassurance that your data is in safe hands. We are also featured on G-Cloud 9 within the government’s marketplace which enables the public sector access to “the best technology and digital services available”.


In every business, there is a need to share files and work collaboratively.

With on-premise solutions, sending files back and forth to colleagues allows for error as there is no 1 version of the truth. Instead, there are multiple copies of the same file being worked on by individuals at one time. This makes it harder for collaboration within group projects and decreases efficiency.

There is make-shift file sharing options, the most well-known being DropBox, but it’s important to consider that DropBox is number 4 on the “most banned apps” in enterprise list due to the lack of security and lack of human support it provides to users.

We offer Citrix ShareFile within our cloud. Meaning, no more emailing projects back and forth. This allows for 0 errors as only one version of the truth is available for you and your colleagues to work on. You simply send a hyperlink to whoever the data needs to go to and ta-da! Collaborative working made easy.


If you are considering converting to the cloud it’s important to make sure your provider can supply sufficient service if things go wrong. With technology, anything can happen, the internet can go down, desktops can crash – it’s inevitable.

Atlas Cloud has been awarded the best service provider in Tyneside and Northumberland. Our technical support team are on standby throughout the day to aid you in any way possible whilst combining consistent high standard service with friendly customer service.

Ditch the on-premise solutions for a more reliable way to store data – get in touch to find out how.

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