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What is a application hosting solution?

Our application hosting solution (which we like to refer to as Application as a Service) has been specifically designed to allow companies to move their legacy applications off-premise and into a more accessible and secure cloud hosted environment.

Moving applications to our secure hosted environment also removes the age-old pain points of installing, maintaining and updating applications, tasks which historically ate up precious IT resource. With our cloud application hosting everyone has access to the latest versions immediately following deployment. It’s a refreshing fix once, fix for all approach.

For many companies, having to host legacy applications locally on dedicated servers has been a sticking point in moving to a preferred cloud-based solution for their IT. Using Atlas Cloud and hosting these applications in our secure hosted environment enables companies to break away from troublesome on-premise servers.

Hosting applications outside of a tired on-premise solution is vital for today’s modern workplace where users expect to be able to access data from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This is especially important if your company operates across multiple sites or has users frequently visiting customer sites. Our managed application hosting services allow easy access and on-the-go collaborating, even when using resource hungry graphics based applications. Utilising the vast processing power of the cloud ensures fast performance on any device.

Hosted application
vs SaaS

There is a distinct difference between our application hosting service and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Hosted application

A purchased application or software that is hosted in the cloud by a 3rd party in order to be accessed via the internet.


A service that is paid for and accessed via the internet. You don’t own the software or application, you just pay a subscription to access it.

Not all applications are available as SaaS. Others may have cloud-based hosting options, but often an element of local hosting is still required and/or key functionality is restricted when accessing via the web. This is where Atlas Cloud come to the fore.

We can host any application on our secure data centre servers and make it available to you anywhere, at any time, and on any device. We essentially transform your purchased application into a SaaS solution. It will function exactly the same as if installed locally (probably faster thanks to our high-spec servers) but you’ll be able to access it anywhere rather than having to be sat at your desk or hooked up to the network via a clunky VPN. The impact it can have on your productivity and workforce flexibility is immeasurable.

Examples of hosted applications

At Atlas Cloud we haven’t discovered an application yet that we couldn’t host. The below are just some examples of the applications that we are successfully hosting for our customers. But in reality, we can pretty much host any application that you can dream up.

Sage Accounting Logo

Sage Hosting Experts

Atlas Cloud are Sage’s preferred cloud hosting partner. We host Sage instances for numerous customers throughout the UK, offering full system access from anywhere on any device without restrictions or synchronisation issues.

Sage 50c | Sage 200c
| Sage X3 | Sage Payroll

Award-Winning Application Virtualisation Experts

At Atlas Cloud we’re experts at application virtualisation as evidenced by our victory at the Computing Technology Product Awards 2019. The team took home the Best Virtualisation Product award for our work on the HS2 project.


Yes, as long as it’s compatible with Windows and your licencing agreement doesn’t forbid it.

No, you’ll benefit from fast cloud-based processing power, it may even be quicker.

Absolutely not, the best thing about our application hosting solution is that it runs on any device, regardless of age or spec.

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Working with Atlas Cloud

From consultancy, licencing and implementation through to fully-managed services, as one of the best cloud services companies in the UK, we can help organisations of any size enable secure remote working through Microsoft technologies.

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We’ll manage the process, end-to-end, so you don’t have to.

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Use our expertise to get up and running but maintain day-to-day control.

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We assist, you deliver. Your environment or ours.

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