The software-defined evolution of WAN. Our Cisco SD-WAN solutions will supercharge your network; bonding connections, securing data, and simplifying management in a way never before possible.

Cisco SD-WAN use cases

SD-WAN Meaning

SD-WAN (or Software-Defined WAN) eliminates the need to access individual edge devices and infrastructures by separating out WAN control and management of network connections, security, policies, app flows etc. to easily accessible centralised software.

Cisco SD-WAN Solutions

Bonded Internet Connections

Cisco SD-WAN can combine connections from multiple internet connections including:

Businesses no longer need to rely on expensive and difficult to scale MPLS connections in order to create a stable and secure corporate WAN. Inexpensive and bandwidth-rich broadband can be used, either in place of or in parallel to existing MPLS connections. Companies we are working with have been able to achieve network cost savings of approximately 40-50% following Cisco SD-WAN implementation.

By bonding connections within your new virtual network you can aggregate bandwidth and provide extra resilience. Traffic can be routed to backup links in the event of a primary link going down, with failover happening in milliseconds to preserve optimal user experience.

Dynamic Traffic Routing

Cisco SD-WAN combines software intelligence with your centrally set policies to dynamically redirect traffic as needed in order to maintain the following:

More sophisticated than traditional WANs, Cisco SD-WAN can switch traffic automatically and seamlessly to the best available network. Specific applications or devices can be prioritised for bandwidth dedication e.g tills and card machines in a retail environment.

Thanks to Cisco SD-WAN’s intelligent routing and prioritisation companies will benefit from significant performance improvements and an enhanced user experience.

Secure and Efficient Connections

Cisco SD-WAN mitigates many of the inefficiencies and bottlenecks that traditional WANs can cause. Frequently, these legacy WANs route all traffic via a data centre regardless of the final destination of the traffic. This can needlessly slow down application performance leading to reduced user experience and productivity.

Developed for digital workspaces, Cisco SD-WAN offers the reliable and secure connectivity required by the huge variety of applications that today’s workforces consume (e.g. legacy / on-premise, cloud, web and mobile). It achieves this by using mechanisms such as deep packet inspection, steering permitted traffic directly to the Internet or cloud security services via next-gen firewalls, bypassing the data centre.

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Optimise Office 365

Give employees the reliable Office 365 performance that they need to be at their most productive by eliminating common WAN inefficiences.
Benefits include:

Data in motion is further protected using IP-SEC encryption, rotating keys and by splitting traffic from designated applications. With traffic splitting, data can’t be understood by eavesdropping, even if a hacker manages to gain sight of one of your network segments.

The balance of security and performance that Cisco SD-WAN affords can significantly boost the speed of adoption of increasingly pivotal SaaS applications.

Centralised Control & Provisioning

Cisco SD-WAN removes the need to physically provision and manage SD-WAN devices by centralising all network control functions in an easily accessible cloud service. Branch SD-WAN devices can be remotely setup by network administrators.

Discovery and setup of new devices within your SD-WAN network is made possible by Zero-touch provisioning (ZTD). Accessible over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol from any point in a network, ZTD can help companies get new branch or remote sites set up and running within minutes.

Consolidation of branch devices provides further cost savings, particularly for enterprise level companies. Cisco SD-WAN appliances incorporate a router, management console, and even a firewall.

What's wrong with MPLS?

MPLS has long been the backbone of corporate networks as it offers reliability and security. More recently, however, businesses are starting to realise a certain rigidity to MPLS that proves a hindrance to digital transformation. Just some of the issues businesses are finding with MPLS are:

Cisco SD-WAN is a far better proposition for today’s modern digital workspaces but that’s not to say that MPLS can’t still play a role. MPLS can be run in parallel to any new SD-WAN architecture or even within a virtual overlay on a legacy WAN. So there’s no need to divest all your current infrastructure in order to strike up an SD-WAN.

Cisco SD-WAN Benefits

market-leading SD-WAN

There may be several SD-WAN vendors but only Cisco SD-WAN boasts all of the following benefits:

raise your expectations

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