Citrix Access Control

Giving IT total control over everything your users require including SaaS apps.

Benefits of Citrix Access Control

About Citrix Access Control

With Citrix Access Control IT administrators now have the power to bring everything their users need under their control within the Citrix Workspace App. Historically multi-cloud strategies have led to complexity for IT companies and a loss of control over SaaS and web applications.

Access Control enables administrators to integrate all SaaS apps, legacy apps, file storage (both local and cloud) and desktops together into Citrix Workspace, all accessed via a single sign on. But it doesn’t stop there – it comes equipped with the following controls to help enhance your IT security and resilience to external and internal threats:

Publish SaaS Apps

Administrators can easily publish SaaS apps to Workspace. This is great for users as it means everything they use on a daily basis is easily accessed from their Workspace App homepage and they don’t need to log in to each one individually. From a security point of view, it gives you visibility and control over what apps staff are using for the first time.

Publish SaaS apps


You can choose to have certain apps display with a watermark across the screen, which contains the users’ details. By adding this you are cutting down on the likelihood of internal data loss as it is easy to see the source of the leak.

Restrict Downloads

If you are worried about your data being exposed, you can add in download controls. For example, you can add a restriction on your CRM app to prevent certain users downloading files – perfect for preventing your customer lists from being circulated outside of the company.

Restrict Downloading
Clipboard restriction

Clipboard Restriction

You can add controls on an app-by-app basis which block the use of copy and paste. Worried about data being taken out of Salesforce and pasted into a personal email account? Now you can address this issue. 

Block Printing

Some like to take the old fashioned approach when it comes to stealing data by outputting it to a physical format. 

Put a stop to this by removing the ability to print from certain applications.

Block printing
Web browsing controls

Web Browsing Controls

To help ensure the resilience of your network to cyber-attacks you can add a layer of security to web sites which are common entry points for malware. Policies can be applied which define the websites and website categories (e.g. gambling sites or file sharing sites) that are blocked. You can also determine which sites are opened via the Citrix Secure Browser service. For example, Gmail could be set up to open this way to enable the addition of further controls over file attachments.

Adding an app in Citrix Workspace

Simple Security Controls

Using the intuitive Citrix admin panel, you can add applications (including SaaS apps) with a few clicks. 

And if you want to add in some of the Enhanced Security options mentioned above all you need to do is tick the ones you want to apply to the app. It’s that easy!

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