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Protect your company from email-borne threats, both external and internal.

Benefits of Mimecast

Mimecast email security

At Atlas Cloud, we’re one of few providers of industry-leading Mimecast email security and continuity solutions in the North East. We’ve partnered with the best in order to provide cloud hosted email threat solutions including phishing protection, ransomware prevention and spam filtering. Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection is seamlessly integrated with our UK customers’ email services.

Email is an integral part of how every business operates but it also represents a weak link for organisations due to the prevalance of ransomware attacks and human error. A recent survey found that 90% of businesses have seen an increase in the number of email phishing attacks over the past 12 months and 40% have seen the volume of impersonation attacks increase (source:

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How Mimecast works

We have substantial experience in implementing Mimecast email security solutions for Office 365 and Exchange. Every email that your company receives is put through three stages of threat assessment at a speed and detail that human precautions are unlikely to achieve. The three stages of our hosted email filtering service are:

1. Attachment

We look at any attachments within the email and carry out the following checks:
  • Check for specific file types & macros
  • Run checks against malicious file database
  • Sandbox email attachments and open them in a safe environment to see if they execute as expected

2. Inspection
of URL's

Next we examine any URL’s within the email and perform the following checks:
  • Check any URLs in the message
  • Resolve them through to end destination
  • Check against malicious URL database
  • If the URL downloads a file this is executed in a safe sandbox environment
  • Content on the URL evaluated for spoofed content

3. Email content

Finally we inspect the content of the email for the following:
  • Check against sender blocked/permitted lists
  • Check DNS authentication
  • Check sender reputation (Mimecast Greylisting)
  • Scan for spam (Mimecast Spam Filtering service)
  • Carry out content and impersonation checks (Mimecast Phishing Protection etc.)

Email continuity service

In the event of a cyber attack, our Email Continuity service can allow no interruption in accessing your emails. All emails would fully recoverable due to the continuous sync and recover service. 

Email will remain the main threat posed to organisational security going forward, either through attacks by hackers or user error. 


Yes marking email addresses as permitted or banned is easy to do and you have full control.

By default Mimecast allows files up to 200MB (inbound & outbound) but you have total control to limit.


More from Mimecast. Learn more about its full capabilities.

EMAIL continuity

Keep email uptime at 100%.


Keep browsers safe.

Why work with Atlas Cloud?

If you use Microsoft 365 and want employees to work both securely and productively in or out of the office, Atlas Cloud could be the managed service provider for you.

We specialise in using Microsoft 365 and Azure-based cloud services. We also know a thing or two about complimentary services that keep people working productively.

1. World-Class
Service Desk

Our UK-based Service Desk is manned by qualified engineers, not call handlers, so we can resolve issues faster. We track and publicly publish our Service Desk satisfaction using the popular NPS system. We also proactively respond to any negative feedback, with the aim of stopping any reoccurrences.

We regularly track an average score NPS considered to be ‘world class’.

2. Remote-Centric

Since we began over ten years ago, we’ve always aimed to fix everything remotely (from within the UK) to cut the costs of expensive travel and engineer day rates.

Of course, we can offer on-site assistance where required.

3. Microsoft Experts

If you use or are looking to adopt Microsoft 365 and/or Azure technologies, it makes sense to work with a specialist and not a generalist.

As a long-established Microsoft partner, Atlas Cloud can help map your Microsoft journey.

4. UK Government Approved

Public-sector organisations in the UK will be relieved to know we are G-Cloud 12 approved.

Private-sector organisations may be encouraged to hear we adhere to UK Government standards in pricing, processes and security.

“We were impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm shown during the initial discussions. They were able to provide a competitive quote and deliver the product [Mimecast] quickly.”

Dan Tweedy – Information Systems Manager, George F. White

If you’re on the market looking for a cloud GPU solution, look no further than one of the top companies providing cloud services, Atlas Cloud.

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