Managed Endpoint Security Services

According to the UK Government, over two-thirds of organisations identified a cyber-security breach or attack within the last 12 months.

The struggle to protect data within your business is ever-evolving, with the rise in remote working bringing increased security threat. Atlas Cloud’s endpoint security solutions take much of the endpoint management burden away from you to be handled by our highly-trained engineers.

Endpoint Protection... Anywhere

As a remote-centric Managed Service Provider (MSP) focussed, we’re pro’s at servicing customers remotely. Our endpoint security software combines features including threat intelligence and patch management to provide the advanced endpoint protection that the modern hybrid workplace demands.

Not only does remote endpoint protection save you money by slashing time spent by your IT department administering devices but, more importantly, it keeps your endpoints secure no matter where they are.

Endpoint Security Risks on the Rise

68% percent of respondents to the Ponemon Institute’s ‘Third Annual Study on the State of Endpoint Security Risk’ said the frequency of attacks experienced had increased over the past 12 months.

Source:  Independently conducted by Ponemon Institute LLC.

Hosted Endpoint Management

What's included?

Our hosted endpoint management and security is not just a single solution, rather it’s a combination of complementary software services bolstered by our expert service desk support; helping to secure endpoints, boost business agility, and facilitate simpler remote management and data security compliance. 

Don’t confuse endpoint security with anti-virus; there’s so much more to it than that and the benefits extend far beyond just business security. 

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Our market-leading endpoint anti-virus and anti-malware software detects, filters and quarantines (or blocks access to) suspicious items. Combined with email anti-phishing you can protect your organisation against the most common forms of cyber attack.

Endpoint Patch Management

Installing OS security patches quickly and effectively it vital to maintaining endpoint security and protecting against zero-day cyber attacks. Our patch management solution acquires, tests and remotely installs operating system security patches on endpoints.


Malicious Access Prevention

Highly configurable rules help block incoming cyber threats and malicious installations. Our solution includes endpoint firewalls that can be controlled globally. Additionally, endpoint web content filtering and USB blocking can be applied to allow for greater user agility while mitigating the threat to your business.

Authentication and Endpoint Encryption

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional layer of user verification, protecting against password attacks. Endpoint encryption protects files and other data, minimising likelihood of unauthorised access and loss of sensitive business data. 

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Gain business control over smartphones and tablet devices which are increasingly used to access work emails, applications and files. Increase governance over data stored on mobiles with device system management, device locator, and remote device wipe. MDM solutions plug the final gap in data loss prevention; mobile devices – providing security for every endpoint.

Endpoint Backup

Endpoint backup rapidly replicates files and data found on endpoints. Data is encrypted and stored in hybrid cloud architecture to minimise risk. Email and Microsoft 365 file and data backup is also available and advisable. Prevent disruption from common forms of cyber-attack, as well as device loss and accidental damage. 

Endpoint Monitoring and Reporting

Our proactive endpoint monitoring software aims to identify and prevent endpoint cyber security attacks in real-time. Comprehensive reporting provides timely information on the status of device health, security and compliance; allowing for full transparency. Having this knowledge at your fingertips simplifies decision making, device budgeting, and auditing.

Remote Access and Support

Our managed endpoint security service includes remote support from our fully-certified engineers. The endpoint security software allows our engineers to rapidly access all aspects of your devices, even allowing for behind the scenes troubleshooting so that users can continue their work uninterrupted.
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Microsoft Endpoint Security

As a Microsoft Silver Partner with competency in Microsoft Azure, Atlas Cloud can help you to better utilise and extend upon endpoint security services available as part of your Microsoft 365 license. Here are just some of the things we can help with:


An endpoint is any device connected to an organisation’s network. This includes workstations, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, servers, virtual machines, and switches.

Every end point that connects to your corporate network poses its own cybersecurity threat to your organisation, presenting a route in for cyber criminals. From end user devices to network devices it is important to have a security platform that can monitor user behaviour, enhance threat visibility, and protect sensitive company data from sophisticated threats in a way that traditional antivirus solutions simply can’t. This is where the advanced security features of managed endpoint protection come in to play.

Our endpoint management is agent-based, meaning we install a small piece of software on managed endpoints, acting as the connection to the management servers that we operate from. This connection allows us to discover, provision, update, secure and troubleshoot endpoint devices remotely. They just need to be switched on and connected to the Internet.

Endpoint security platforms provide advanced endpoint protection by combining a suite of security solutions that help to mitigate against advanced threats such as ransomware and sophisticated malware. Rather than focussing purely on monitoring and protecting office-based end user endpoint devices (such as laptops and desktops), an endpoint protection service identifies security incidents across the entire range of devices that connect to a company network (e.g. mobile phones, routers, switches, personal devices etc.), no matter where they are connecting from. By addressing the entire endpoint security for an organisation, this level of network monitoring allows for advanced threat detection, security alerting and automated resolution that goes way beyond traditional antivirus.

At Atlas Cloud we believe the best solution for endpoint protection is a hosted endpoint security service whereby the solution is implemented, monitored and supported by qualified engineers. Otherwise known as managed EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response).

Endpoint monitoring allows for the health, vulnerability, and status of endpoint devices to be continually checked and corrected in order to keep a business and its users secure and productive. Both corporate and personal devices can be governed, with the right policies, making it a great solution for enabling a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategy.

While anti-virus forms part of any respectable endpoint security service they are not one and the same. Endpoint security encompasses the discovery, management, and security of endpoint devices and is therefore a much more fully-fledged business solution. As far as the endpoint security vs anti-virus debate is concerned, the very existence of endpoint security services is evidence that anti-virus alone is insufficient for protecting a business in the modern world of ever-evolving cyber threats.

Endpoint patch management removes the hassle associated with patching end-points. Managed by a dedicated team of security experts, updates and patches for Operating Systems and software (e.g. Office 365) can be tested and rolled out across end-points in bulk. This not only reduces the time spent updating end-points but also the time between a patch becoming available and being applied. This provides peace of mind and helps to reduce the threat posed by zero day malware attacks.

Managed threat detection is essentially another name for an endpoint protection service that is managed by a team of cybersecurity experts. This kind of cloud based endpoint security enables network monitoring and threat detection from a remote location, allowing for identification of / protection against advanced threats posed by cyber criminals.

A managed EDR solution (or Endpoint Detection and Response service) provides peace of mind for enterprises and small businesses alike, by protecting against sophisticated threats that can target any endpoint connected to the network. EDR technology allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to monitor networks and respond to threats before they become a problem. This allows internal IT teams to concentrate on revenue-generating activity rather than expending all their energy on mitigating the security impact of a cyber attack.


There’s more to our IT services than security. Learn more about our full capabilities.


Keep your organisation resilient


Sail through auditing.


Teams calling, SD-WAN and more.


More productive users, more of the time.

Why work with Atlas Cloud?

If you use (or are looking to adopt) Microsoft 365 and want employees to work securely when hybrid or remote working, Atlas Cloud could be the managed service provider for you.

We specialise in using Microsoft 365 and Azure-based cloud services to enable secure and productive remote working, with over a decade’s worth of experience.

1. Highly-Accredited
Service Provider

Combining industry-standard Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 accreditations, you can be confident Atlas Cloud handles personal information with secure processes.

2. Highly-Accredited
Data Centres

Having secure processes is nothing without storing data in secure places, that’s why we prefer Microsoft Azure.

Backed by the most-established name in the industry, with every accreditation going, it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and sophisticated Citrix virtualisation technology. Utilise Microsoft Azure in UK-only locations with our expertise – important for privacy-conscious organisations.

We also have a fully-operational, tier-two private data centre for additional requirements.

3. UK Government

Public-sector organisations in the UK will be relieved to know we are G-Cloud 12 approved.

Private-sector organisations may be encouraged to hear we adhere to UK Government standards in pricing, processes and security.

4. Regular External
Penetration Testing

As part of our proactive approach to security and service, we regularly arrange for external third-parties to attempt to find vulnerabilities in our systems. If anything’s found, we look to fix them quickly.

“We now have an effective solution, efficiently managed by skilled engineers. I know exactly what my costs are; in fact I can now confidently predict my future IT expenditure.”
Oliver Vaulkhard – Managing Director, Vaulkhard Group

Working with Atlas Cloud

From consultancy, licencing and implementation through to fully-managed services, as one of the best cloud services companies in the UK, we can help organisations of any size enable secure remote working through Microsoft technologies.

Fully Managed IT Service


We’ll manage the process, end-to-end, so you don’t have to.

Part Managed IT Service


Use our expertise to get up and running but maintain day-to-day control.

Cloud Consultancy


We assist, you deliver. Your environment or ours.

Clear and Transparent Pricing

Like any of our other cloud business solutions our managed endpoint security services can be configured to include what’s important to your organisation. All packages will have one thing in common though: clear and transparent, per user/per month pricing.

As users scale up and down each month, so do our fees. That means you’re never paying over the odds for unused services.

Secure your endpoints

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