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Bring PC-level control to corporate iOS and Android devices. Add compliance to personal mobile devices that handle corporate data.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a broad set of security features that give organisations as much control over corporate smartphones and tablets as they do over traditional PC devices. One of the most popular features within MDM is Mobile Application Management (MAM).

MDM can also be used to enable and enforce bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies on personal smartphones and tablets, in addition to controlling corporate devices.


Smartphones and tablets are as common in the workplace as traditional PCs. They store all kinds of corporate information on them – through access to email, calendars and file share applications – which could include intellectual property, sensitive, or personally identifiable information.
Most organisations seek to protect this information when stored on corporate PC’s or on-premises servers because they’re required to do so by law. However, mobile devices are often ignored because the technology is newer and there’s a perception that they’re far more difficult to manage.


When you get into it, there’s a lot you can do to monitor sensitive or intellectual property being shared to both personal and corporate mobile phones and tablets.


Enforce specific apps to be installed on devices, meaning you can ensure employees are using company-approved apps to deal with corporate data.


Ban specific apps or groups of apps from being installed on devices, meaning you can stop employees using un-approved apps to deal with corporate data.

Device locator

Use device GPS systems to locate lost or stolen devices and track a device’s location history, making it easier to recover lost devices.

Remote device wipe

Delete all data and settings on any device under management, effectively eliminating the risk of data breaches in the event is lost or stolen devices.

System management

Remotely lock the screen, configure system settings or reset passwords on devices for enhanced security measures.

Combine with software

When combined with sophisticated cloud software licences like Microsoft Office 365, you can enforce access to things like email to the dedicated Outlook application and turn off features like file sharing outside of the Microsoft application ecosystem.

Differentiate Corporate and Personal Devices

While it’s natural for corporate-supplied devices to have high levels of compliance policy applied to them, it might not be as necessary for personal devices that access corporate information.
But personal devices do access important and potentially sensitive corporate information, so you can still configure a level of compliance that’s comfortable and acceptable for everyone.

Why work with Atlas Cloud?

If you use (or are looking to adopt) Microsoft 365 and want employees to work securely when hybrid or remote working, Atlas Cloud could be the managed service provider for you.

We specialise in using Microsoft 365 and Azure-based cloud services to enable secure and productive remote working, with over a decade’s worth of experience.

1. Highly-Accredited
Service Provider

Combining industry-standard Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 accreditations with less-common BS 10012, which assesses adherence to GDPR requirements, you can be confident Atlas Cloud handles personal information with secure processes.

2. Highly-Accredited
Data Centres

Having secure processes is nothing without storing data in secure places, that’s why we prefer Microsoft Azure.

Backed by the most-established name in the industry, with every accreditation going, it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and sophisticated Citrix virtualisation technology. Utilise Microsoft Azure in UK-only locations with our expertise – important for privacy-conscious organisations.

We also have a fully-operational, tier-two private data centre for additional requirements.

3. UK Government

Public-sector organisations in the UK will be relieved to know we are G-Cloud 12 approved.

Private-sector organisations may be encouraged to hear we adhere to UK Government standards in pricing, processes and security.

4. Regular External
Penetration Testing

As part of our proactive approach to security and service, we regularly arrange for external third-parties to attempt to find vulnerabilities in our systems. If anything’s found, we look to fix them quickly.

“We now have an effective solution, efficiently managed by skilled engineers. I know exactly what my costs are; in fact I can now confidently predict my future IT expenditure.”
Oliver Vaulkhard – Managing Director, Vaulkhard Group


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