Proactive Monitoring & Support Services

IT services that aim to proactively find potential issues and address them before they begin to affect your organisation’s operations.

Once firmly embedded, users may never need to complain about their IT again!

Managed Proactive Monitoring

Submitting support tickets could be a thing of the past when you have sophisticated monitoring working in the background to alert a team of engineers, all with specialist skills, ready to fix remotely.

Proactive Performance

As IT hardware and even software ages, performance issues creep in. It’s time to fix that.

Our proactive performance monitoring services aim to recognise these as they’re happening, alert the team and proactively troubleshoot to fix – often before users even notice.

Proactive Security

Sophisticated monitoring and alerting doesn’t just stop with performance; we can detect security threats at the earliest stages and aim to mitigate further risk.

Get the confidence you need that cyber threats are being tackled from all angles.

Managed Proactive Automation

The pièce de résistance to proactive IT services is to add in automation, meaning faster responses and a more efficient service.

Self-Healing Automation

If you do something more than once, automate it.

As regular patterns begin to immerge through our proactive performance and security monitoring, we build scripts to automate the troubleshooting – known as Self-Healing.


There’s more to our IT services than proactive monitoring and self-healing. Learn more about our full capabilities.


Keep your organisation resilient


Sail through auditing.


Teams calling, SD-WAN and more.


Stay on top of cyber threats.

Why work with Atlas Cloud?

If you use Microsoft 365 and want employees to work both securely and productively in or out of the office, Atlas Cloud could be the managed service provider for you.

We specialise in using Microsoft 365 and Azure-based cloud services to enable secure remote working that keeps people productive, with over a decade’s worth of experience.

1. World-Class
Service Desk

Our UK-based Service Desk is manned by qualified engineers, not call handlers, so we can resolve issues faster. We track and publicly publish our Service Desk satisfaction using the popular NPS system. We also proactively respond to any negative feedback, with the aim of stopping any reoccurrences.

We regularly track an average score NPS considered to be ‘world class’.

2. Sophisticated

Our industry-leading technology moves our service away from the traditional break/fix IT service model to a more efficient and proactive model.

It means users are more productive, more of the time.

3. Remote-Centric

Since we began over ten years ago, we’ve always aimed to fix everything remotely (from within the UK) to cut the costs of expensive travel and engineer day rates.

Of course, we can offer on-site assistance where required.

4. Microsoft

If you use or are looking to adopt Microsoft 365 and/or Azure technologies, it makes sense to work with a specialist and not a generalist.

As a long-established Microsoft partner, Atlas Cloud can help map your Microsoft journey.

“We now have an effective solution, efficiently managed by skilled engineers. I know exactly what my costs are; in fact I can now confidently predict my future IT expenditure.”
Oliver Vaulkhard – Managing Director, Vaulkhard Group

Working with Atlas Cloud

From consultancy, licencing and implementation through to fully-managed services, as one of the best cloud services companies in the UK, we can help organisations of any size enable secure remote working through Microsoft technologies.

Fully Managed IT Service


We’ll manage the process, end-to-end, so you don’t have to.

Part Managed IT Service


Use our expertise to get up and running but maintain day-to-day control.

Cloud Consultancy


We assist, you deliver. Your environment or ours.

On the other hand, if you’re in the market for DaaS, contact one of the top IT managed services companies, Atlas Cloud, today!

Clear and Transparent Pricing

We offer per user/per month pricing to help you help you scale more efficiently and better forecast your IT budget.

Actual pricing is determined by your specific requirements, contact us for a quote today.

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