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Benefits of VoIP


The features and cost benefits offered by a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system have seen many businesses leave behind traditional phone lines, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) connections.

BT have announced that they will be switching off PSTN and ISDN connections in 2025, and you won’t be able to buy them after 2020.

If you currently have an ISDN or PSTN network and are looking to switch before these connections are turned off Atlas Cloud can provide a reliable, versatile and cost effective VoIP solution, which gives you a high quality communication tool for the modern workplace.

You’ll be able to retain your existing numbers too as we can port these across allowing you to experience business as usual.

We offer a range of Panasonic Handsets including KX-UT113, KX-UT123, KX-UT133, KX-UT136, KX-TGP500 and KX-TPA50 which come with a range of easy to use and intuitive functions. 


With our telephony and VoIP service your users will benefit from a great range of features including*:

Site types & features

We offer the following setups and features*:

Training benefits

Call recording is available with our VoIP phones allowing you to monitor calls and use the recordings for staff training and development.


View all our Telephony and VoIP FAQs below:

Any internet connection with at least 100kbps (upload & download).

Yes, a range of hands-free devices can be used with voip phones.

No you can have it set up so you can just use the phone.

Our experts will work closely with you to create the best bespoke solution that meets your needs, as such the cost is different on each project. Call us for a cost estimate.

Have a look at our managed services IT portfolio, or you could check out this Mimecast review we did a while back.

New Research

Our recent, nationwide research shows what can be learnt from working during lockdown. Download the report today.

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