Sharing large files can be easy

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At some point in your working life, you will face the dreaded task of emailing a large file to a colleague (or stakeholder/business partner!). Although this sounds simple and the initial solution would be to email the file across, this is not always an option and if it is an option it can be hard work.

Not everyone wants to receive large email attachments, either. They can take a long time to download and will eat into a mobile data tariff’s allowance if they’re not connected to Wi-Fi, making mobile working not so appealing. But what about compressing files? Although there are ways to minimise the file size, this is limited, for example, JPEG files are already compressed once saved.

This results in the big question: how can sharing large files be easier? The answer: file sharing software.


Collaboration is a part of every business, whether this is between co-workers, partners, contractors or customers. With collaboration comes the need for improved mobility and the increase of BYOD strategies within the workplace.

For collaboration to be efficient, the files that are being worked on need to be accessible whilst data is synced easily with co-workers. By doing so, the chance for error is removed with having multiple files as only one version of the truth is available to edit.


With a strong focus on the overall production of work, it is hard to determine how exactly this would benefit you, as an individual. ShareFile gives you the option to work productively either in group projects or simply with everyday tasks.

Designed for everyday workflow

Although ShareFile focuses heavily on the ability to collaborate, it can also be used solo. Instead of having all of your files on a hard drive where they are only available if you are in that one specific place, it is now an option to work on the go or at home by logging into your account and accessing your files.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

By exploiting standard Outlook features to enhance user productivity and efficiency, Outlook is no longer a place to simply send and receive emails. With ShareFile, you will now be notified of updated or added content allowing users to keep track of content within multiple file shares.


Whilst delivering an easy-to-use experience ShareFile also provides IT with the control it needs over data. ShareFile provides highly granular security settings to protect business data allowing IT to determine how sensitive data is stored, accessed and shared.

Management & Control

The ability to manage file and data sharing with high levels of control provides extensive security capabilities for IT.

Choose where Data can be stored

IT are able to choose where data can be stored meaning they have raised awareness of the data within a business. So if any issues were raised they’d be able to locate this immediately.

Integration with Existing Infrastructure

Whilst offering complete and secure IT oversight, ShareFile also integrates with existing infrastructure and provides a next generation workplace.


We know what you’re thinking…what about Dropbox? Dropbox is one of the most well-known services when it comes to sending and sharing large files but, not for all the right reasons.

IT largely views Dropbox as a security and compliancy risk; repeated security breaches, data leaks, password and spam attacks have plagued Dropbox. As a result, Dropbox is number 4 on the “most banned app in enterprise” list.

In addition to this, you can’t even rely on the comfort of a human voice. Dropbox offers no phone support, meaning that when things go wrong you will be left alone with web text and your minimal knowledge on how to stop someone from hacking into your data.


Instead of having applications and files stored separately, we believe everything you need to work efficiently should be stored in one place.

Atlas offers Citrix ShareFile as a tool to enhance productivity whilst giving enterprises peace of mind knowing their data is stored securely with help on hand whenever it’s needed.

A typical data centre requires applications from devices to send files to the cloud. This process requires a quick internet connection and A LOT of patience. Both of which can be hard to achieve for the common worker.

Our cloud stores both applications and files in one place meaning there is no need to attempt to send the file to a data centre for others to be able to access it. So how can my files be accessed by authorised people only? Simply send a hyperlink to your fellow project workers and you’re done. No emails. No hassle.

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