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It’s likely that every day you are using the cloud. If you’ve logged into Google, bought something online, “liked” a Facebook status or accessed your emails from your mobile device, you’ve seen the cloud in action – yet probably weren’t even aware of it.

Likewise, the use of cloud computing within the recruiting and staffing sector is already in motion but is often invisible.

These solutions often packaged as “software as a service” or SaaS for short, touch our professional lives as profoundly as our personal ones. SaaS-based apps are predicted to grow at an 18% CAGR, and IaaS/PaaS is predicted to increase at a 27% CAGR.

It’s clear that the future of cloud computing is now. Understanding the importance and impact is more crucial than ever for recruiting firms to get the most out of this technology.

So, why does cloud computing matter in the recruiting and staffing sector?

  1. Increased innovation and customisation

What makes the cloud so attractive is the ability to fully customise the user experience depending on each member of staff. Unique desktops can be deployed in a matter of minutes that provide staff with the exact tools they need.

This same customisation extends to the provider’s variable support and pricing models, with the cloud providing scalable solutions for any size business. Investment in existing tools can be maximised as they are delivered in a more efficient way, resulting in an increase in productivity of 20%.

As everything is stored in one cloud environment, data remains secure and is continually monitored by a team of technical experts.

With the recruitment sector being notorious for storing candidate CVs and information on paper and not within one standardised platform, the introduction of cloud technology means recruiters can abandon the paper and introduce digitalisation.

  1. Larger talent pools

Today’s global recruitment trends require employees to expand their reach, without necessarily expanding their resources. The increase in paperless recruiting means that there are as many different databases for housing candidate information as there are places and platforms reaching passive and active talent alike.

Customised HR SaaS solutions also have the ability to create job posting efficiency by creating one portal for touching multiple platforms, while standardising and aggregating candidate profiles into a single, searchable source that can be accessed 24/7.

By consolidating internal and external resume databases, employers can source across multiple platforms simultaneously, allowing for continuity and connectivity when developing and pipelining candidates.

  1. Access on demand

Cloud technology offers the ability to access software or information that’s delivered on demand and over the internet through a hosted desktop service, without the need to store it locally. By taking application tracking systems into a secure cloud platform, recruiters have 24/7 access to candidate records, whenever it’s needed on any device they prefer.


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