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Posted: 16th Apr 2020
March 2020 was the busiest month ever for the Atlas Cloud service desk but they still smashed their best ever NPS rating with a ‘World Class’ score of +84.
We don’t talk about our amazing service desk nearly as much as we perhaps should. But last month, they went above and beyond like never before so I think it’s high time they got the recognition they deserve. The month of March 2020 was the busiest month in our near 10-year history. The Covid-19 crisis brought with it a slew of cases as existing customers ramped up their home working and new customers on-boarded at speed. It was a record month in terms of both cases opened and closed but it also saw our highest NPS rating to date of +84, which is officially ‘World Class’.

A note on NPS

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an industry recognised, independently defined measure. It provides an aggregated customer satisfaction score derived from customer responses to the following question:

On a scale of zero to ten, how likely are you to recommend Atlas Cloud to a friend or colleague?

A graphic illustrating the NPS scale
The aggregated score can range from -100 to +100, with over +50 being ‘Excellent’ and over +70 being ‘World Class’. Atlas Cloud consistently tracks as ‘Excellent’ to ‘World Class’ and the +84 that our service desk achieved in March 2020 was the highest rating in our history. Made all the more staggering when set in the context of our busiest month ever and the world being turned on its head by a global pandemic.

The rush to home working

Our customers already have the ability to work anywhere, on any device thanks to the Atlas Cloud platform. However, that doesn’t mean that all of their users have actually made use of this facility. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, users that regularly worked from home simply continued as before. For everyone else, our service desk team got them rapidly set up remotely, to use any device of their choosing (e.g. a personal desktop PC, laptop or even tablet).

While other companies were rushing to buy up what expensive laptops were left on the shelves to join to their domain and provide to newly remote workers, our customers were able to use any old device knocking around at home. What’s more, they were able to enjoy the same experience and performance as working in the office, without the need to domain-join the physical device in order to keep data secure. This was echoed at Atlas, where our CFO offered to buy laptops for those without a suitable device at home, with only one laptop actually handed out. Living proof of virtual desktops enabling a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

Picture showing two service desk colleagues discussing a case over a computer
Our service desk pre-lockdown

Welcoming new customers

On top of dealing with a record number of existing customer requests our service desk also had to handle the on-boarding of no less than 8 new customers. Again, as evidenced by the NPS rating, they managed this fantastically well. And with demand for our cloud IT solutions experiencing an inevitable uptick following the UK lockdown, it’s great to be able to prove that not only will our service desk rise to the challenge, they’ll also smash KPIs in the process.

A word from our incoming Service Excellence Manager

The UK lockdown also happened to coincide with the welcoming of our new Service Excellence Manager, Steve Douglas. It’s been quite an unusual introduction as Steve hasn’t as yet been able to shake the hands of his new colleagues, instead meeting them for the first time over Microsoft Teams meetings. Nevertheless, Steve has spoken of his delight in inheriting a service desk in such good shape.

"Not being in the office for my first day was a bit strange, but I was very impressed with the speed at which the team were able to get me up and running remotely. Given my own initial experience of their support it came as no surprise to learn of the excellent customer service being provided during such a busy time.

Attaining a ‘World Class’ NPS rating while balancing their own home working and disruption to life in general is nothing short of outstanding. It’s a true testament to our people and the flexibility of the Atlas Cloud platform. And a big shout out has to go to our Service Desk Manager, Peter Gough, who has guided the team expertly through this challenging period.

I look forward to working closely with the team and our customers as we move from strength to strength. Hopefully, at some point in the not too distant future, I’ll even get to meet everyone face-to-face."

Steve Douglas - Service Excellence Manager, Atlas Cloud

Put your IT in safe hands

If you’re thinking of outsourcing some or all of your IT to provide users with a seamless remote working experience, don’t forget to take into account the level of support you can expect from your managed IT provider. It’s easy to promise the world but actually demonstrating excellence in customer service is where many providers can fall down. Atlas Cloud subscribes to the NPS model because is gives both existing and prospective customers the transparency they need to know they can trust us to deliver their key IT services.

If you would like to discuss our managed IT solutions call us today on 0191 250 5222 to chat around your requirements and to receive our completely free, no-obligation advice.

Alternatively, read how our service desk colleagues continue to provide ‘World Class’ support come rain or shine in this blog by our very own Cesar Botto.

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