Solicitors: How to embrace remote working

Mobile working for the legal sector

AM Law conducted a survey within a diverse group of 200 law firms on whether they have adopted cloud technology, in this survey 62% said that they used software as a service. With the adoption of cloud computing comes the introduction of new ways of working.

Despite the many benefits new technology provides the legal sector, decision makers are still struggling to see why they should make the shift. Here’s the common challenges solicitors face when it comes to implementing new technologies:

My employer doesn’t trust that I will be as productive at home as I would be in the office

When a member of staff decides to work from home, it’s easy for colleagues and managers to question their ability to meet clients’ expectations. With a hosted desktop, your entire workstation is accessible at home, on any device. This means, all case documentation, client emails and instant messaging tools, like Skype for Business, can be used when working remotely. This approach to working has seen a 20% increase in productivity.

My employer doesn’t have a work from home policy

Some firms aren’t as wiling to embrace digital transformation. 55% of workers are still required by employers to work from the office within designated working hours. What they should consider is that SMBs using cloud services grow 26% faster than those who use no cloud tools, and are more profitable by 21% on average. It’s also estimated that 50% of the UK workforce will work remotely by 2020.

As a business owner, it’s also worth considering  that a business can save $11,000 per person per year by letting them work from home 50% of the time.

I can’t access any of my documents outside the office

The true benefits of flexible and remote working can only be realised by having the right technology. Investing in the right technology doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of IT budget, especially with cloud-based subscription models. The introduction of this technology provides solicitors with the foundation for secure mobile working. Case documentation needs to be handled with the highest grade of security.

By storing all case documentation in a secure cloud platform, like the Atlas Cloud, solicitors can take back control of their working hours, work-on-the-go and have more efficient, paperless meetings. The process of emailing files from the office computer to personal devices is removed and staff can have always-on access to the case they’re currently working on with the peace of mind that it meets industry compliance such as HIPPA  and GDPR.

It’s not secure for me to access case documentation outside the office

94% of managers say their business security has improved after adopting cloud applications. Instead of using unreliable methods of data sharing, i.e. emailing personal accounts with documents attached or, even worse, printing paper versions of documents and taking them home, all documentation can be accessed by authorised personnel from the secure cloud environment that is logged and monitored by the professionals.

In addition to this, Atlas Cloud can revoke print screen functionality so no data can be extracted from the cloud environment and sent to competitors or used personally.

The future for solicitors

By implementing cloud technology as a catalyst for digital transformation in your law firm, the doors are opened for new approaches to working, Cloud and hosted services can enable the most traditional sectors to embrace the revolution that is digital technologies. If you’re ready to give the cloud a go, request your free demo today.

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