IT for the Modern Workplace Survey

Posted: 13th Feb 2019
Today we’re launching our IT for the modern workplace survey. Prizes can be won and free Benchmarking Reports available too.

The way we work is constantly evolving. With the evolution of technology solutions, it means the way we work can now change to meet our needs. In a recent article Richard Branson claimed that 9 to 5 working will come to an end, while others feel that flexible working will become more important.

In order to find out what is truly important to users, today we are launching our IT for the Modern Workplace survey. The survey is designed to understand the needs of today’s workforce and in turn help decision makers see what technology solution will empower their employees and also aide business success.

Free Benchmark Report

For business leaders, you can receive a free personalised Benchmark Report. Using the results from the survey we will show you what the attitudes are towards technology within your sector. This will allow you to better understand if your technology setup provides the right sort of working environment which will be conducive to productive work. For example, are your users spending too much time logging into various applications or do they have too many passwords to remember compared to users in other organisations within their sector. Is your current technology proving to be a barrier which prevents you working as well as the competition?

The survey will also examine users understanding of key security areas like CEO Fraud. Within the benchmark report you can see if there is a general lack of understanding around cyber-crimes which could put your company at risk.

By understanding what your users truly value you’ll be able to create an environment which they love, in order to help boost productivity and staff retention. To register to receive your free Benchmark Report all you need to do is complete the short 5-minute survey and we’ll send it out to you when the results are in.

Prizes To Be Won

But we’re not forgetting about the users. We’re offering them the chance to win one of five £100 bar/restaurant vouchers. Three of the vouchers will be chosen at random, with two £100 vouchers going to the two companies who submit the most entries – so please share this survey with your colleagues as the more entries the better the chances of you guys getting a nice meal out on us!
The survey only takes 5-minutes to complete and the winners will be chosen on Monday 8th April 2019.

While the vouchers are a nice little prize, the survey also offers users the chance to really have their say on how they use/would prefer to use technology. This information will be used to create the Benchmark Reports which business leaders will use the shape the future of workplaces. So your voice really can make a difference.

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