The 5 benefits of Hosted Desktops

Posted: 16th Nov 2017

At Atlas Cloud, we specialise in hosting desktops and applications from our secure cloud platform.

hosted desktop, often also referred to as Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – much like the name suggests – is a virtual desktop that is hosted in the cloud. In essence, a hosted desktop stores all operating systems, files, emails and applications in outsourced cloud data centers, which can be accessed through the internet on any device, from anywhere.

To an end user, a hosted virtual desktop looks no different to a traditional, physical desktop. The difference lies in where data and apps are stored. Whilst a physical desktop accesses and stores data, apps and email on the actual device, a hosted desktop stores everything in secure data centres. Hardware becomes a shell for the online desktop, which can be constantly updated, scaled as required and kept at bank-grade level security.

So, what are the benefits for an organisation if they opt for hosted services?

  1. Lower operational costs

As you can access the same desktop on any device at any location, the requirement of purchasing hardware for each member of staff is removed. As a result, less energy is used as no heavy desktops and hard drives need to be powered in order for staff to access their applications and data.

  1. Enhanced security

Data is handled and monitored by experts. Instead of depending on an individual within the organisation to perform backups and security checks, businesses can be reassured that their data is in safe hands.  Atlas Cloud was the first UK managed services to obtain ISO 27001 accreditation, feature on G-Cloud 9 and is a member of CIF.

  1. Scalability

As desktops are accessed over WiFi connectivity, there’s no longer any restrictions in terms of hardware or licensing. Simply request a new user or to remove a user as and when you need to. Instead of having unused hardware and having to purchase new licenses annually, you can pay for your business requirements per-user-per-month.

  1. One unified solution

With the upcoming changes to GDPR, it’s essential that businesses know where their data is constantly. With a hosted desktop, you will be utilising an approach to working whereby the data resides in a secure cloud platform that is monitored by a Managed Service Provider, instead of trying to source where each application is located. In addition to meeting compliances, this also allows users to seamlessly integrate their applications and edit documents in real-time.

  1. IT is now reliable

When your IT is taken care of by a third party, you have the ability to legally agree to expectations with a contract. Compare this to an in-house IT department which is usually dependant on one person and you will have a fool-proof approach to outages.

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About The Author

Emily has been with Atlas Cloud for almost two years. After completing an apprenticeship in marketing, she was offered a permanent position as a Marketing Executive. She loves all things digital and has exclusive experience within the technology sector.

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