The 5 best cloud videos

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The cloud is a topic which if you know, you know. However, for those who lack a full understanding of cloud computing, it can be difficult to get your head round it.

I thought it would be beneficial to those reading this wondering “what exactly is the cloud” to take a few minutes out of their day and watch what I believe are the best 5 cloud videos on YouTube (in no particular order). Or, even if you are aware of the cloud, these videos are still very interesting and discuss the cloud in a colourful way. Here’s what I believe are the best 5 videos all about cloud computing:


If like me, you’re obsessed with taking snaps of your dog at any given opportunity, you will appreciate the relevance of this first video. Cloud computing is explained through the need to store your favourite picture in a way that means you won’t lose it:


Go way back in the history of technology and utility with Stephen Fry perfectly explaining how the cloud has got to where it is today through an illustration of the timeline of the cloud.


Mashable takes it away with explaining the cloud with their clever metaphor of a “virtual locker” to describe cloud storage, this will leave you with a good understanding of the cloud.


Ever wondered what the inside of a Google data centre looks like? In this video, you are taken on a virtual tour of one of their advanced data centres using their own Street View app.


I’ve kept the longest for last – if you want an in-depth, more technical explanation of the cloud that is also visual and features an enthusiastic cloud lover, this is the one for you.

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