The benefits of CAD in the cloud

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Before the invention of CAD, the development of any type of design or prototype was created manually. A process which was typically tedious and time-consuming.

For those who are unsure, CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a combination of both hardware and software, it involves creating a technical drawing with the use of computer software allowing designers to accurately edit their vision.

The benefits of CAD include:

  • Your idea visible right in front of you
  • Design continually with the ability to correct any errors
  • Duplicate blue prints instead of attempting to imitate them
  • Digitally stored rather than on paper, safer and easier to access

As CAD is increasingly becoming the norm within the design industry it is important for users to assess all options of CAD software, one of them being CAD in the cloud.


At Atlas, we take business’ existing graphically intense applications and make them available on any device. These graphically intense applications can be anything from Adobe Creative Suite to Autodesk. By doing so, eliminating the need to purchase new kit which would also come with the burden of having to replace it every 3 years.

With almost 2 years experience of graphically intense applications, we are leaders in the area of taking applications and virtualising them.

Here’s how:

1. High-intensity graphics on ANY device

The use of CAD requires devices with the ability to perform high-intensity graphics, this is no issue if you own an expensive hard drive with the capability to do so. However, purchasing the right kit to enable the use of CAD can be costly with the average price of a hard drive costing between £300 and £600.

Our cloud can provide non-lag high-intensity graphics (both 2D and 3D) on any device, including iPhones and iPads. This means you can eliminate the need to spend money on kit whilst still being able to use CAD for design.

Mobile working can now be achievable even with high-intensity graphics, perfect for those who are on the go frequently.

2. Your designs are safe and sound

Instead of attempting to fold, shove and crumble your blueprints into a filing cabinet, your work will be stored in the cloud. Saving data within Atlas Cloud can give you peace of mind as your designs are no longer physically available, eliminating the risk of theft and loss.

In addition to this, we offer DRaaS to restore any data if disaster does strike whilst you are designing away. Simply pay as and when you need disaster recovery.

3. Collaborate on any design, anywhere

With Autodesk and Atlas Cloud partnered together: designers, architects and site managers can seamlessly edit live versions of designs in the office or on site.  Data sits inside the cloud meaning no matter where the project is based all files can be accessed with one version of the truth and reduced chance of error.

4. Continue using the software you know and love

We virtualise existing software and make it accessible on any device simply with an internet connection. This means there is no installation of software needed, we take what you’re already familiar with and host it within the cloud.

5. No CDs, no individual updates

Any CAD software or application is stored within the cloud meaning that no physical source is needed to install software like a CD. This allows for a fast implementation of software to any user. In addition to this, all updates are carried out simultaneously meaning there is no need to have IT teams work their way around the office updating hardware one-by-one.

6. No pressure on IT, help on hand  

IT teams within organisations don’t need to worry if problems arise. Our team is on standby if an issue arises or if you have any queries. We aim to get you back to designing as soon as possible with no effect on anything you were previously working on.

With this external support, IT costs could be cut whilst reducing stress on IT teams.

Interested in how we can deliver CAD to your organisation? Get in touch.

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