The benefits of Citrix ShareFile

We take pride in having high-grade security to help our customers feel at ease, and this impacts who we partner with. Citrix has impeccable security and offers features to you feel secure and protected when working online. Citrix ShareFile is a great application to use if you’re an on-site worker.


A major concern with customer and personnel data is making sure security precautions are implemented to protect it. With Citrix ShareFile, there are over 25 customisable options to choose from including password protection, information right management and download link expiry. These options allow you to customise the security settings so your data is as protected as you’d like it to be. Citrix ShareFile supports industry regulations including HIPAA and FINRA.

One of the more advanced features of ShareFile is the audit reports. You are able to check who has access to a file, who has viewed it and when someone uploads and downloads a file in real-time.


Whether you’re in the office, on a construction site, travelling, or at home, ShareFile Sync allows you to edit documents from any device in any location and it will update automatically so you always have one live version of the truth. This is a great advantage for files being shared within a team during a large project as you can avoid document duplication.


When you use Citrix ShareFile, you can open and edit files from Microsoft’s Office package on any device including smartphones, tablets and personal laptops without having the Office package installed on the device. There’s also no need to upgrade your current subscription to access these files. This is perfect for the modern, mobile worker.

As an official reseller of ShareFile, Atlas Cloud offers the application in our hosted desktop environment or as a standalone service. The service is completely flexible and is adaptable to the needs of any organisation.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about how Citrix ShareFile can help you work.

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