The cloud increases opportunities for business development

Ambitious SMEs are looking to grow without the growing pains. With a cloud-based desktop, you’re free to handle business while we take care of your IT. Storing your business-critical data and apps in the cloud means you’re no longer tied to your desk and ultimately, gives you the chance to build the business more efficiently.

BYOD strategy

When employees are able to access their desktop from any internet-enabled device it means that they’re always on and always able to take care of business needs. If anyone has a meeting scheduled with a potential client, you can go to them as everything you’ll need for the meeting is available to you on whatever device you take. You’ll find that employees, in turn, become more productive when they’re given the ability to access their desktop outside of working hours. The 9-5 is outdated because businesses don’t operate during any fixed time and this should be the same for staff too.

Scalability of the cloud

As your business grows, a huge capital expense is no longer required when you have a BYOD strategy in place. This means you don’t have to buy new hardware for each new starter. Instead, just add users to your setup as your business grows. It also increases the recruitment pool, because your employees can work from anywhere.

Globalise your business

When you have the best available workforce spread across the country, your business development opportunities multiply because you can make contact with prospects you may not have considered before. Best of all, you will have a team representative in their local area that is ready to meet with them and discuss any propositions further.

Expanding your client base doesn’t have to be a hardship – make it easier for yourself and opt for a cloud IT setup and take your business with you wherever you go by contacting a member of our team today!

New Research

Our recent, nationwide research shows what can be learnt from working during lockdown. Download the report today.

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