The power of the Hosted Desktop for SMEs

Macbook with iPhone The digital revolution is well underway. SMEs are struggling to keep up. With limited resources, a shortage of skills and no sense of guidance, smaller organisations can often feel left in the dark when it comes to new technologies.

If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less

Failure to embrace digital enablement means missing out on improved productivity, growth opportunities and stronger customer relationships. With more than 50% of B2B buyers researching their purchases online, it’s evident that this revolution is only going to pick up speed. Their expectations of these purchases are also digitally-driven. They demand products with apps attached, support that is available 24/7 and services that are fully customisable.

Making digital change work for you  

Smarter use of technology can significantly sharpen your competitive advantages by boosting your efficiency, strengthening connections to your customers and meeting demands. So if you’re still working with outdated technology and software, you could find yourself behind your competitors. Expensive to run, unable to scale and prone to failing, legacy infrastructures can cripple your ability to compete. It’s time to move away from temperamental IT and opt for an innovative strategy that works with you. This is where the power of the Hosted Desktop comes in to play.

What is a Hosted Desktop?

Hosted Desktop is similar to your normal desktop. But, instead of all your apps and data being stored on your physical PC or laptop, everything runs from a secure data-centre via internet connectivity.

What are the benefits of a Hosted Desktop?

A hosted desktop removes the need to manage multiple devices within an organisation. Instead, businesses can focus on the stuff that really matters as their IT is outsourced to a third-party who will implement, manage and monitor activity.
  1. Access your work anywhere
There is no need to have a central office when you have the ability to make everywhere your office. Workers are able to access their exact work desktop from any device. This eliminates the need to provide workstations for employees. Not only could this potentially reduce costs, with BYOD strategies and work from home policies, 77% of employees report greater productivity when working remotely.
  1. Improved security
Smaller businesses struggle to invest in enterprise-level security. This could be down to budget restrictions or even a lack of understanding. With a Hosted Desktop offering, SMEs can work safely, knowing their data and applications are stored within a secure cloud platform with regular backups and disaster recovery included.
  1. Increase performance
With improved IT comes improved performance of both the systems and the staff operating them. As there will be minimal downtime, there is no disruption to user’s productivity. A team of experts will be on standby to resolve any issues. Your IT will help, not hinder.
  1. Reduce IT costs
For SMEs especially, correct budgeting is absolutely crucial. With hosted services, organisations are able to customise the delivery of their applications and desktops to the needs of every member of staff. With licenses, renewals and storage taken care of, businesses are free to focus on the stuff that really matters without worrying about the cost. Are you a small organisation looking to empower employees and improve security? Contact us today for a free demo of our Hosted Desktop offering.

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