The role of technology in recruitment (Infographic)

In a world that is becoming increasingly more mobile, it’s evident that job seekers are becoming more proactive in their search for new roles. This change in behaviour means recruiters can utilise the latest technology to attract better talent in a shorter amount of time in a way that is convenient for candidates.

It’s no longer wait and see

Recruiters now have the ability to fish out the best talent they have in front of them and spark a conversation with the click of a mouse. They no longer need to hope for the appropriate candidates to put themselves forward. This also enables recruiters to do a better job of refining the candidates they are putting forward for interviews – all previous notes and conversations are now in one secure place.

Eliminating paper processes reduces the amount of paper your organisation consumes. It ensures data is easily searchable and backed up in a centralised location. This can be achieved by adopting software such as electronic signatures for signing off documentation and CRM systems specific to recruiters needs.

Collaboration and communication are key

Once this process starts, the applicant can have access to updates and job openings whenever they need them. With 16% of job seekers applying for a job from their mobile device, it’s evident that candidates want convenience with their job search. There’s no need to post responses to interviews or attempt to catch each other on a phone call. The entire job application and hiring process can become streamlined between the applicant, recruiter and organisation.

Interviewing becomes more convenient 

Candidates no longer need to be physically present at initial screenings. Although this isn’t revolutionary as interview phone calls have become the norm over the past 5 years, tools such as Skype for Business can provide a more interactive approach to the hiring process with the use of video conferencing. This trend is reflected in 56% agreeing that interviewing tools will shape the future of hiring and recruitment.

The Hosted Desktop solution

Recruitment firms can empower staff to have access to their entire workstations on any device, anywhere. With a fully managed DaaS approach to IT setups, all applications, candidate information and emails can be collected and stored in one unified platform that is monitored by a team of technical experts. By doing so, common issues recruiters are facing like data sovereignty and managing databases is passed onto the experts.

The importance of technology in recruitment

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