What should you expect from your Managed Service Provider?

Businesses are sometimes reluctant to choose an MSP based on the assumption that they’re not the right fit, they don’t quite offer what they need or they don’t have the skills, expertise or resources to support their business. They have not had their Goldilocks moment in terms of finding an MSP that is “just right”.

What these businesses lack is a set of standards that enable them to make an informed decision on which MSP is right for them. As a rule of thumb, you can use the following as a checklist of sorts so you can begin the journey of outsourcing your IT properly.

Legal set of standards and guidelines

Every MSP should be operating under the set of standards and guidelines created by the government. These guidelines are now being tightened by what we all know as GDPR. If your desired MSP has been following the rules from day dot, there should be nothing to worry about, and the changes that come into effect following GDPR should have minimal if any effect on them.

Quality of service

This is really important at Atlas Cloud. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service, and we hold our standards high when it comes to our Service Desk team. Our current rating average is 4.9/5 given by our customers who have received help. You should be confident that when choosing your MSP, they hold high standards and they always think about giving the best of their efforts to their customers.

A scalable model

If you’re an SME with ambitious plans to grow, you should aim for your IT to complement that growth. Buying a full set of hardware when you have a new starter isn’t cost-effective for an SME. With an OPEX price plan and a BYOD strategy in place, your workplace becomes mobile, flexible and fully scalable. This model still works for large enterprises because even though you’re at a global scale, things like collaboration and overall communication become simpler when all staff have one unified solution to work from.

If these expectations aren’t quite being met by your current managed service provider, or you’ve been looking for someone to tick all of these boxes, get in touch with our team today to discuss your new IT solution.

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