What SMEs should be planning for 2018

Happy New Year

This year, we saw an increase in AI & VR technology, more cloud adoption and more pressure on data security and cyber attacks.

With only a few weeks of 2017 left, it’s time smaller organisations started to consider what steps they will be taking when the New Year approaches and what upcoming trends and changes they need to look out for.

Needing to meet GDPR compliance

From May 25th, the EU wants to give people more control over how their personal data is used. By meeting GDPR compliances, it is estimated that businesses will save a collective $2.3 billion a year.  A major part of complying is to know where each part of your data is stored and being able to identify this whenever you need to.

A shortcut to meet this requirement is to store data in a secure cloud environment that is managed by an expert third-party cloud provider. With more strategies for working, it’s becoming harder for organisations to keep tabs on where data is 24 hours a day. Technology can aid smaller businesses on their journey to compliance. Solutions are available to host and manage the data that is stored within the four walls of the office and beyond.

A Managed Service Provider can provide full management of data whilst monitoring access and third-party threats to the organisation. They will act as the data controller, ensuring that all information and applications are reviewed accordingly to meet compliance.

Modernising the business

Smaller organisations can sometimes struggle to innovate when they have previous IT commitments. However, it is now essential that they consider the importance of having efficient technology in place. With the modern worker demanding more from their employers, it’s time to step up. 84% of respondents in HAY’s What Workers Want report stated they have considered an organisation’s flexible working policies when considering their next employer. In the same report, it was discovered that 49% rated their work-life balance as average, poor or terrible.

By utilising cloud computing, your office space becomes a hub for creative thinking and productivity. Workers are able to transform how they work on a daily basis. They can break free from routine and indulge in working hours that fit their life outside of work. As a result, our customers have seen a 20% increase in productivity from utilising a Hosted Desktop setup. It is also predicted that in 7 months, 80% of all IT budgets will be committed to cloud solutions.

So, what’s holding you back? The cloud has to happen to stay relevant. Contact us today for a free demo of our hosted technology.



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