What does the modern worker want?

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The way organisations are operating has transformed in the past few years. The digital revolution has allowed workers to make their work, work for them. The 9-5, 40 hours a week is long gone. It’s now time for business leaders to assess their work offering to fulfil the demands of the modern worker.


Work now revolves around life. Employees’ demand the ability to work with a healthy balance that enables flexibility. Commitments do not always reside outside the 9-5 work slot; life is constantly happening. It is now up to the employer to recognise this evolution.

With the right technology in place, employees are able to make everywhere their office. Hosted solutions take away the stress of transferring files from one device to another by streamlining the process with centralised data.

Organisations that are built on trust, hard work and the right attitude to employee needs will see the benefits of allowing flexibility. It is also considered to be “one of the biggest drivers of transformation in the workplace.”


Joining an organisation at the start-up stage is an exciting period. With potential, enthusiasm and drive, employees are the key to making that next step. When recruiting, the plan for progression both p­ersonally and as an organisation is a key decision maker for employees.

modernised approach to IT can enable businesses to expand, grow and provide more opportunities for their workers without breaking the bank. Cloud computing offers scalable IT setups tailored to the organisation’s needs.

With growth comes progression. For professionals, the ability to scale also means the ability to advance in terms of their career. Promotions will be at the forefront of a modernised business as they are not hindered by large costly operational funds. Companies of all sizes report significant decreases in operating costs with the opportunities IT modernisation brings.


Recruitment is no longer limited to the four walls of the office. Technology is aiding the digital skills gap for companies. With the option for remote and collaborative working from any location, businesses can widen their employee search and put more emphasis on creating a diverse and mutually equal workforce.

The future demands a working environment that represents a diverse and dynamic society. By reaching out beyond the office location, a new pool of skills, background and experience can be found easier.


The revolution of workers taking control of their life is happening right now. Organisations need to prepare for this transformation in terms of resources and in culture. By keeping up-to-date with what employees require to work effectively, businesses will reap the benefits.

A robust 68 percent of job seekers who are Millennials said an option to work remotely would greatly increase their interest in specific employers. This number is only going to increase when it comes to Gen Z’s turn to fill the job roles – a generation which has grown up with technology at the forefront of everyday life.

Looking forward, it’s easy to predict that there may not even be a need for organisation’s to have a physical office. Instead, it is likely workers will opt for an exclusively remote approach that enables work and life to seamlessly flow. The right technology is key for organisations to meet the modern day worker’s demands. For more information on digital transformation, contact us today.

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