Why accountants should consider the cloud

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As technology continues to evolve, it is slowly revolutionising the way sectors are performing. Even the most traditional industries such as manufacturing and construction are starting to see how crucial digital transformation is for survival.

The next sector to jump on this bandwagon is accountancy.

What is cloud accounting?

Instead of storing your critical accounting software within the four walls of the office on your physical hard drive, you now have the ability to take your finances with you, everywhere in a secure, monitored platform.

The ability to do so falls under two delivery models, Hosted Desktops and SaaS.

Hosted Desktops refers to one unified solution. We take all your applications, emails and data and store them in our secure platform which is then accessible to the end-user with Wi-Fi connectivity.

SaaS or Software-as-a-Service refers to individual applications being stored and accessed over Wi-Fi connectivity but does not provide users with one unified solution. Instead, they will have a unique hyperlink to access their data.

So, what are the benefits of storing your accountant applications in the cloud?  

Whether you opt for a full Hosted Desktop solution or a SaaS approach to your application hosting, they can both optimise business processes.

  1. Advanced Security

As all data relating to the application is stored on a secure cloud platform and not on a physical hard drive in the office, you can ensure your data and applications are secure. You will be protected from threats such as natural disasters, theft or simply just losing kit. As a Managed Service Provider, Atlas Cloud was the first UK managed services company to obtain ISO 27001 accreditation. We also feature on G-Cloud 9 and are a member of CIF.

With accountants needing to comply with industry regulations, they need to store and handle their data in an appropriate way. Utilising cloud technology can provide them with a shortcut to achieve this.

  1. 24/7 Accessibility

The cloud is everywhere with Wi-Fi connectivity. As a result, you are longer restricted to the typical 9-5 working hours. You have the ability to work from any location, anywhere. You can now use your own personal device to work in a fully secure way. With this improved mobility, it is estimated that the connected employee is gaining an extra two hours a day.

  1. Expert technical support

Unlike an on-premise setup which would be managed by an internal IT team, hosted solutions provide you with a fully dedicated technical support team on standby. With an external technical support team, they have to work to a contracted service level agreement that has been determined by the end-user. This means the technology constantly needs to be debugged and updated to improve the user experience.

At Atlas Cloud, we can deliver any application you need to keep productive. We are a Sage Partner and work with them to provide customers with the solutions they need. If you are wanting to know more about our relationship with Sage or how we can improve the way you work, contact us today for more information about our hosted offerings.

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