Why you should Benchmark your IT

Posted: 6th Mar 2019
How does your IT stack up against your competition? If you don’t know it can be hard to know where to start.

If you were to think about the technology your using in your business right now, chances are there are two key factors why you have the IT setup you do:

Firstly, budget. How much investment has been made into IT systems over the years determines the standard and quality of devices, servers and applications you have available to users.

Secondly, the culture of your business. What your users are used to and are comfortable with can be more important than you think and may actually be a barrier to improving. If you feel your users would reject a new way of working or would take too long to train on new systems, it can be easier to just buy more of the same kit. In this situation you’re effectively standing still.


The two factors above determine why your IT is where it is. But don’t just accept it, ask yourself:
  • Is it enough?
  • Is it too much – are you overspending in the wrong areas?
  • Are your rivals using technology better; enabling them to work more productively than you?
Without benchmarking your IT against your competition, you won’t truly know if your setup is actually good, average or poor. You need to find out what IT infrastructure your competitors have, what software do they use and have they made/are planning to make big investments in technology? Benchmarking is also a great way of uncovering if there are better ways of working out there that you hadn’t previously considered. There may be a brand new solution that has just hit the market that could massively improve your IT’s resilience and security measures. In order to be leaders in your industry you need to ensure everything you’re doing and your business processes exceed industry standards.
Benchmarking your IT


A good benchmarking process will bring you many benefits including:

  • You can understand your performance compared to competitors in your industry
  • You can hold people to be more responsible for performance – as you’ll know what good performance looks like you know what to demand from your own teams
  • It allows you to identify performance gaps and areas for improvement – this can also be used to see where your budgets need to be spent
  • It creates a culture within your business of continuous improvement


It can be a long and expensive process to implement a comprehensive benchmarking system. So you might be wondering, where do you start with your IT benchmarking? Well we can give you a helping hand along the way (we’re nice like that!). We’ve recently launched our Modern Workplace Survey which aims to find out the desires of today’s workforce, in order to help companies provide users with the right technology needed to keep them happy and productive.

By completing the survey you’ll be eligible to receive a free benchmark report which will let you see how your organisation’s technology fairs against others in your sector.

It only takes a few minutes to complete and you’ll then be on your way to seeing how your IT setup stacks up against your competition.

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