Why businesses are taking Office 365 into the cloud

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More and more businesses are turning to the cloud and migrating to Office 365. From 2015 to 2016 companies with 100+ Office 365 users grew from 87.3% to 91.4%. As a partner of Microsoft, Atlas Cloud understands the demand for smaller businesses to improve their processes to increase collaboration, reduce the time taken to complete tasks and streamline file sharing. Here are a few benefits of hosting your critical applications in our secure cloud platform:

Accessible anywhere

With all applications and data stored on a secure cloud platform, workers can access them from any device with internet connectivity. They no longer have to wait until the next working day to crack on with tasks. As a result of this, businesses have benefited from a 20% increase in productivity.

Easy content sharing and collaboration

As everything you need to work collaboratively is stored in one place, users can add or remove files to one shared folder that can be accessed exclusively by those with permission. Not only does storing these applications in the cloud provide a more streamlined approach to collaboration and file sharing, it also improves the safeguarding surrounding the data. With 58.4% of Office 365 documents containing sensitive data, it’s crucial that the right provisioning is in place.

Improve business productivity  

The heart of business productivity lies with the information worker. Never have workers been able to do so much, both independently and in collaboration with others. By storing the full suite of Office 365 applications in a secure cloud platform, users have no IT fails to hold them back. They have the ability to work both offline and online with all licensing, updates and backups taken care of.

As a partner of Microsoft, we can deliver 365 through our secure cloud platform as standalone applications or a fully hosted and managed service. If you’re interested in utilising cloud technology for your business-critical applications, do not hesitate to contact us for a free demonstration today.




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