Why Your Law Firm Should Adopt Cloud-Based Software

Posted: 2nd Feb 2022
With many of the top PMS vendors now offering a per user per month Software in the Cloud solution, we wanted to highlight some of the advantages of cloud-based legal practice management software.

Top 5 Advantages Of Cloud-Based Legal Practice Management Software

1. Cost savings and predictability

Cloud-based software solutions offer a predictable and relatively low monthly cost. The upkeep costs for on-premise solutions, including an annual maintenance plan and hardware upgrades, end up being much more expensive in the long run. Additionally, the headache of scaling for additional users is taken on by the software company; no longer do you need to buy expensive servers to satisfy projected growth only for the hardware to sit depreciating waiting for new users to come on board.

2. Greater data security

It’s impossible for a small to medium sized firm to deploy enterprise grade security, disaster recovery and cyber-attack countermeasures when faced with a limited budget and an ever-evolving threat landscape. Many law firms maintaining on-premise software find themselves at increased risk of data breach and the catastrophic reputational damage that could ensue. With a fully cloud-based system, catastrophe can be prevented as your data is automatically backed up and available from anywhere and it’s protected by the most sophisticated cyber security measures as standard.

3. Maintaining Cyber Essentials accreditation

With the rules for Cyber Essentials having been updated on January 24th, there are now more stringent conformance criteria that all firms have to adhere to. Adopting a cloud-based software solution—rather than hosting a solution on your own servers—makes it far easier to maintain your Cyber Essentials accreditation. Most procurement frameworks and Insurance policies now mandate that you have Cyber Essentials, so maintaining it is crucial for law firms.

4. Future-ready technology, always

As new features are rolled out in cloud-based systems, your firm automatically receives them, sparing the need to schedule downtime and cause potential fee-earning disruption. These updates also ensure that your system is compatible with the latest versions of all the other online tools your firm uses.

5. Attracting and retaining top legal talent / staff

Most legal professionals want access to up-to-date technology with flexible remote access, especially in the new hybrid working, post-Covid world. If your firm doesn’t offer the ease of cloud-based tech, you’re at a competitive disadvantage when recruiting new and retaining existing talent. Law firms are certainly not immune to ‘The Great Resignation’ and your best talent will gladly move to a firm that offers a more seamless and flexible way to handle client matters. Similarly, prospective employees will happily shun you for more progressive competitors.

So, ready to move to the cloud?

Atlas Cloud helps to keep work secure whether operating a remote, office, or hybrid workplace model. Offering managed cloud services, cloud consultancy and security solutions for Microsoft Office 365 and Azure-based services, our expertise has won us multiple awards. We’re finding that more and more of our current and prospective law firm clients are adopting a “Cloud First” strategy.

For help in defining and embarking on a cloud strategy for your firm, please get in touch.

Andy Lewis - Managed Services Sales Manager
Andy Lewis
Atlas Cloud


Our Managed Service Sales Manager, Andy Lewis, has years of experience helping law firms use technology to tackle challenges like cashflow, productivity/turnaround times, security, M&A, Cyber Essentials certification and more.

About The Author

Andy has extensive managed services experience with vast knowledge of the legal sector in particular. When he’s not crafting solutions that are perfectly aligned to customer goals, he can be found supporting his beloved Liverpool.

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