Why recruitment leaders need a Shadow IT Cloud App Discovery solution

Posted: 21st Jun 2024
In this blog, we explore how a simple tool can help recruiters work out their best consultants’ secrets and stop data leaks.


Recruitment agencies are unique organisations. They’re full of fiercely ambitious employees but often one or two superstars that somehow end up vastly outperforming everyone else.

That often leaves management scratching their heads to work out what the top performers’ secrets are and how to replicate with others.

This skill divergence isn’t the only thing that makes agencies unique though. They also store and process vast quantities of personally identifiable information, which could be valuable to cybercriminals and employees about to service their notice and move elsewhere. Our own research discovered that 38% of consultants consider data to be their most important asset, and a further third describing it as ‘one of’ their most important assets.

That makes it important to protect corporate data from unauthorised external access and also from internal employees.


At this point, you might ask, what do these two distinct challenges have in common?

The simple answer is cloud-based apps. Apps that help automate things, speed up things, store things, and so on. With the proliferation of cloud apps, it’s a fantastic era for innovation in the workplace. The only thing stopping anyone seriously optimising their work is knowing which tools work best for what they need.

That’s where Shadow IT Cloud App Discovery comes in.

It’s a simple tool that monitors apps used by employees and categorises their use in a simple management report. That allows you to see what your top performers are using, and what everyone else might not be.

Moreover, that same tool can block certain types of apps. That means you can block file storage apps that you might not know about, which stops anyone in their tracks if they attempt to move valuable data outside of your control.

That puts an end to data leaks at the point when consultants decide to leave for another agency, or start up on their own.

The best thing about Shadow IT Cloud App Discovery is that it’s part of Microsoft Defender, meaning it’s already included in many Microsoft 365 licences at no additional cost.

Contact us today if you’d like to give it a go!

About The Author

Ben is passionate about technology that enables people to work more productively and collaboratively from anywhere in the world. He’s a karaoke king and an avid explorer, despite the fact that every holiday he takes seems to end in disaster.

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