Why secure file sharing applications are a necessity for growing businesses


For smaller organisations, relationships with partners are crucial for business development. Successful entrepreneurs have a common interest in meeting new people and building a list of contacts and colleagues. By partnering up with other organisations, the doors are open to forming mutually beneficial relationships that could lead to activity such as marketing campaigns or joint events.

With collaboration comes the need to communicate. Project work communication typically involves sharing files back and forth, usually with large attachments. According to enterprise social network Yammer, 38% of employee time is lost duplicating work, and 58% of people waste an hour a day looking for information.

Office workers spend an average of 28 hours a week writing emails, searching for information and collaborating internally, according to McKinsey. In addition to this, 59% of managers miss vital information simply because they can’t find it or never see it with the average worker sending and receiving 15 emails with attachments a day.

With cloud-hosted file sharing applications, such as Citrix ShareFile, workers are now free to collaborate securely and effectively. There is only ever one live version of the truth accessible to edit at any given time and the data can be accessed offline on any device and synced to other devices when internet connectivity is restored. It is also estimated that teams can draft documents 33% faster with a document management tool, like Citrix ShareFile.

If you’re interested in how hosted applications such as Citrix ShareFile can be utilised to improve productivity, do not hesitate to contact us for a free demo.

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