Why SMEs should opt for a Managed Service Provider

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Small companies need efficient IT to grow. The importance of a good IT strategy can no longer be ignored. From healthcare to financial services, a well implemented IT strategy will hold the fort to support new business owners in their venture.

SMEs must keep their networks running reliably at top speed networks with access to data from multiple locations. They need to be diverse and mobile to stay in the league of their competitors. IT should become a tool for improved customer service, internal communications and smoother processes.

So, why should small businesses opt for a Managed Service Provider to take control of their IT strategy?

No upfront investment

By opting for SaaS and potentially a full hosted DaaS solution, small businesses are able to optimise enterprise level software and applications at an affordable price. As a Service offerings take away the headache of manual installs, updates and licensing costs and instead replace the process with a simple, click of a button method of gaining access to the latest applications from any device, anywhere.

All of this available with fully customisable cost models that give growing businesses the ability to add or remove users when needed.

No IT department needed

People are the key to any business. But, when possible, there are alternatives to recruiting more heads and budgeting for more salaries. The average salary for an IT manager in the UK is £48,720, with other roles in the sector not being far off. There also comes the requirement for licensing renewals, training, updates, hardware refreshes and compliance measures. It’s no secret that IT can be expensive. 

We believe IT should help, not hinder. As a managed service provider, we configure, implement, manage and monitor IT externally. Removing the stress and requirement of hiring a full IT department and continual training them to keep up to date with evolving technology trends. We are only ever a phone call away and are available to make on-site visits when needed.

Supercharge productivity

We are all looking for a way to make a one-hour job be completed in one hour instead of being hindered by factors that may turn this into a three-hour mission. By opting for managed services, you have access to your work desktop from any location, on any device. Bad traffic? Work from home. Power cut at the office? Work from the local café. You will no longer have any obstacles in your way when it comes to getting the job done and in addition to this, 91% of remote workers believe they “get more done”.

Dramatically reduce business needs

Small business leaders are not in the position to implement and manage a full IT strategy whilst attempting to stay afloat. Managed service providers protect small businesses and their business-critical data around the clock in a budget-friendly manner. Growth is supported by trained technical professionals who have expert knowledge in anything from infrastructure management, data protection, fully secure virtual environments and virus protection.

Businesses are able to expand and grow without breaking the bank and those in charge get to focus on the tasks at hand.

Including IT in your plan for growth is crucial in creating a future-proof scalable environment that embraces change. Building your business with a good IT strategy as the foundation will enable business owners to adapt to any changes their journey may throw at them.

Atlas Cloud is the managed service provider for the modern business world. We will host the applications you need to function and flourish, all supported by our award-winning technical support team.

For more information about managed services, please contact us today.

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