Why you need to give your IT Manager a break

IT Managers are increasingly overloaded these days. They have enough on their plate without being the point of contact for the entire company.

As technologies become more complex, the task of monitoring and managing an entire organisation’s IT whilst dealing with complaints and issues has become nearly impossible.

Whilst the IT Manager is working towards improving the company’s networks and the security surrounding them, it’s easy for the day-to-day issues to slip:

“It won’t turn on”

Computer unplugged meme

“It’s still not fixed”

IT department is working on it meme

“I’ve deleted my work by accident”

Recover data without backup meme

“It says it needs to be updated”

Software virus meme

Users don’t have time to wait for their technical issues to be resolved. They need IT that works for them.

Organisations should consider a Managed Service Provider to take control of their IT.

By opting for a Managed Service Provider approach to IT, your organisation will benefit from synchronised software updates, advanced security and automatic backups. This level of expertise is carried out by a technical support team backed by SLAs. In addition to removing the stress from the IT department, 46% of firms have cut their IT expenditure by 25% or more as a result of managed services.

At Atlas Cloud, we can host the applications needed for your business to function and flourish. We offer fully scalable IT models that are implemented and supported by an award-winning technical support team. Give your IT Manager a break today and contact us for a free demo.

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