Working from home this Christmas? Here’s 5 tips to get stuff done

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For all our cloud users out there, we are almost certain you have or will be opting for working from home this December – and we can’t blame you. Why make the dreaded, freezing, overwhelmingly busy commute if you don’t necessarily have to?

The ability to work from home comes with many advantages such as; flexible working hours, improved productivity and a cut in costs in terms of commuting.

However, for some, the ability to work in an environment where you are completely in control can be slightly overwhelming and potentially difficult to focus purely on work tasks. When this lack of concentration surfaces, just consider these 5 simple steps to get stuff done:


When workload piles up, it makes it difficult to have a clear mind ready to compose those tasks in order of priority.

The best way to structure your tasks is to devise a to-do list. Each task mentioned, no matter how big or small, should be seen as a goal you want to achieve that day.

Psychologists have actually determined that our brains fixate on the tasks we haven’t done rather than the ones we have actually completed – which could actually lead to a decrease in productivity. The simple act of planning how to finish something satisfies the itch that keeps incomplete tasks running around in our minds and hindering our focus and efficiency.

What this means is by writing what needs to be complete down, you are saving yourself the constant self-nagging and worry of getting them done and can instead concentrate on the work in hand.


In addition to creating a to-do list, you should also be structuring your work day in order of deadlines. If you have various deadlines and dates that need work completing for by a certain date, you should aim to get those with a closer deadline complete first.

This means you have a structured way of working, preventing you from rushing to get things done and not performing at your very best.


When working from home, you are also working amongst obvious distractions such as your TV, radio and even mobile phone.

To avoid the habit of turning one (or all) of these on and ignoring your responsibilities, you should ensure they are all out of sight if possible.

Now, we’re not saying re-arrange your whole study or living room or wherever you work but make sure that your environment is suitable for working conditions and not too comfortable (in the sense you won’t be faced with a temptation to sit and watch your favourite soap).

Remember that your home is your second office when it comes to remote working.


It’s easy to have a desire to “prove” that you are working whilst at home to co-workers. This mainly stems from people not understanding that the terms “working” and “home” are not mutually exclusive resulting in an opinion that working from home is just another way of saying “slacking off”.

But, you should not think of this as a reason to not have any breaks whilst attempting to work at 110% for 7.5 hours a day. If you take on working from home in this approach you will definitely burn out resulting in mistake-filled work from a lack of concentration and energy.


When at home, being surrounded by all your home comforts can seem very tempting.

What you need to consider is the way you would act in the office if you were faced with a potential distraction. More than likely you would see it as a distraction preventing you from getting your daily tasks complete and not something of interest. You should view any home distractions in this sense as well – tell yourself to stop procrastinating and get stuff done!

If you’re wanting to work from home over this Christmas period, do not hesitate to contact us for your free demo.

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