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As businesses bloom the need for more than one space to provide service usually becomes a necessity. These additional offices could be down the road or they could be 100,000 miles away from one another. Carrying your files, books, laptop, tablet, and lunch could be doable if the office is 10 minutes away. But why would you want to lug around all your belongings when you don’t need to?

As humans, we all take more than what we need wherever we go. It’s our natural instinct to be over prepared when out in public. Umbrella? Check. Keys? Check. Pen? Check. It’s the same situation with having more than one office location. Diary? Phone? Tablet? Laptop? USB? Folder? Notepad?!? We say, leave it all behind.


For many, their whole life is stored within these pieces of paper. From contacts to appointments to shopping lists. Atlas offers Outlook as a digital paradise for those who love to plan their life away. With Outlook, you can create new appointments, invite those in your network to appointments whilst having the ability to communicate via email, allowing for collaboration and awareness. We say ditch the paper!


Different roles require different applications to be able to work efficiently. At Atlas Cloud, we can host any application and make it accessible via the internet on any device (including tablets) everywhere, removing the need for numerous pieces of kit being dragged around with you.

In addition to hosting applications, we can also host desktops. We take applications and data and present them in a single view in the form of a centralised work desktop that is accessible on any WiFi connected device, this is also known as DaaS. It looks and functions like a normal work desktop allowing real-time changes to files no matter which office you are at.


There’s no need to bring along your old USB stick to access files anymore. At Atlas we offer file sharing software known as Citrix ShareFile, allowing files to be accessible anywhere and replacing a physical source to get a file from one device to another. By doing so, also removing the need to attempt to send files via email with the risk of bounce back. Citrix ShareFile is an enterprise-class file sync and sharing service which allows for easy collaboration, enhanced productivity, and advanced security. The USB is now dead.

Working in more than one office? We can make it easy, get in touch.

New Research

Our recent, nationwide research shows what can be learnt from working during lockdown. Download the report today.

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