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APSCo – the Association of Professional Staffing Companies

Recruitment is in APSCO’s DNA; they provide recruiters information, intelligence and tools to help grow and run a compliant, efficient and profitable operation.

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies is the International trade body for the professional recruitment sector. Recruitment is in their DNA; APSCo provides its members information, intelligence and tools to help companies grow and run a compliant, efficient and profitable recruitment company.

With headquarters in London and a presence in the midlands, the north and Scotland, APSCo works closely with its members to offer local support and tailored regional events. APSCo has over 1,000 members in the UK and is the only UK recruitment trade body with operations in Germany, Singapore and Australia.


“As the primary voice to Government and policy makers, as well as advisors to our members, it’s imperative our team work restriction-free. From our regional Account Managers, to our on-the-ground event co-ordinators through to our member advisors; if they aren’t able to work, the recruitment industry suffers.

“We’re delighted to have Atlas Cloud supporting our quest for recruiters, they feel 100% aligned in supporting us.”

Ann Swain
Global CEO, APSCo


Atlas Cloud proposed a Microsoft 365-based solution so employees can work with ease. Devices are secured and managed remotely by the Atlas Cloud team with endpoint management, to a level akin to engineers being physically present on-site. Sophisticated remote monitoring also allows engineers to proactively work in the background, solving potential issues before they cause disruption.

For resilience, all Microsoft 365 products (SharePoint, OneDrive, Email and Teams) are backed up in a separate, secure system, Skykick. Mimecast Continuity upgrades business-critical email services to a 100% uptime SLA, meaning company operations are guaranteed. A 99 year email retention policy was proposed to ensure any vital policy information is never lost.

For security, market-leading email protection scans inbound emails, attachments and URLs – blocking the most common form of attack. As a gesture of goodwill, Atlas Cloud also performed an unintrusive cyber security audit across the entire APSCo database of recruitment firms, allowing both APSCo and its members to better assess their levels of risk.

“If they [APSCo employees] aren’t able to work, the recruitment industry suffers.”


APSCo employees are now able to work restriction-free from wherever they happen to be. Management can be confident their industry-defining work is both secure and resilient, ensuring the staffing sector is getting the support it so rightly deserves.


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