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We specialise in Microsoft Azure-based cloud services, helping you map your cloud journey and find the best route for your organisation.

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Benefits to Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure?

Commonly referred to as one of the big three public cloud providers, Microsoft Azure is a set of ever-growing cloud-based services designed to help organisations fulfil a range of IT requirements.

Microsoft Azure, along with other cloud providers, takes the burden of physical hardware ownership away from organisations to provide a highly scalable (pay as you use) model that offers resources when they’re required, on tap.

Unlike private cloud models, Azure uses a pay-per-second model which Microsoft openly publicises online. While that sounds expensive; with the right management, services can be scheduled for use only when required to dramatically reduce costs.

The public cloud model

For many requirements, the public cloud is commonly regarded as the future.

The scale of services that the big three – Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services – have over private cloud services is vast. That means their security credentials are unrivalled by any private provision, purely because of the resources available to the big three.

For many, it’s the consumption-based usage model that only public clouds can provide that is the most compelling proposition, as detailed below.


On Premises

  • Long-term commitment on all hardware
  • Up front capital expenditure
  • Scaling inefficiencies


Private Cloud

  • Long-term commitment on all hardware
  • Month-by-month operating expenditure
  • Partial scaling efficiencies


Public Cloud

  • Month-by-month commitments
  • Month-by-month operating expenditure
  • Full scaling efficiencies

Atlas Cloud for Azure cloud consultancy

Public cloud first, Azure first; if you’ve decided Azure is the platform for your organisation, Atlas Cloud are the provider for you.

All of our engineers and solutions consultants are Microsoft Azure certified and we’re a long-established Microsoft partner.

We can help you with relating services like Microsoft 365, Azure Virtual Desktops, disaster recovery, application hosting, SD-WAN implementation, Security Centre & Services, subscription services and much more. We offer white-boarding strategy sessions with our Azure-certified engineers through to cloud consulting services with our various specialists.

And, because we’re also a managed service provider, we’re also able to manage anything that’s not within your team’s current expertise.


For any bespoke Microsoft Azure-related hosting service, our Managed Infrastructure as a Service solution can help.

We can provision and manage your infrastructure in UK-only environments for high compliance requirements.

Working with Atlas Cloud

There’s a number of ways you and your team can tap into our Citrix expertise. Explore them below.


Whiteboarding sessions with our Citrix expert CTO help map the way.


Project-based consultancy with our specialist engineers.


Build concept VDI projects with our help to prove their worth.


All kinds of VDI licencing is available directly from us, if necessary.


Where there’s expertise gaps in-house, let us take care of it.

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Not just secure, reassuringly secure.

There are two types of IT service provider.

One will do everything possible to secure the technology they’re responsible for. The other will do everything possible to keep their customers’ cyber security risks low.

Atlas Cloud is the second type of provider.

Why does that matter? Read more about us or review our case studies.

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