NVIDIA Graphics Virtualisation

NVIDIA GPUs could be the key to your virtualisation project. Lean on Atlas Cloud's experience to virtualise demanding apps.

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Benefits to nvidia graphics

Who are NVIDIA?

NVIDIA is a market-learning graphics card provider.

Popular in both the AI computing world (powering things like Microsoft Copilot) and the online gaming world, NVIDIA graphics cards are looked at as the best around.

Their graphics cards don’t just help gamers though – their technology helps organisations large and small use with high-graphics applications in design, construction, engineering and more.

NVIDIA invented the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) back in 1999 which changed the capabilities of graphics in personal computing from that point on. They have generally been considered as market leaders ever since.

Atlas Cloud uses NVIDIA GPUs to virtualise graphic-intensive business applications.

Working with Atlas Cloud

There’s a number of ways you and your team can tap into our Citrix expertise. Explore them below.


Whiteboarding sessions with our Citrix expert CTO help map the way.


Project-based consultancy with our specialist engineers.


Build concept VDI projects with our help to prove their worth.


All kinds of VDI licencing is available directly from us, if necessary.


Where there’s expertise gaps in-house, let us take care of it.

NVIDIA Hosted Graphics

Atlas Cloud have been using NVIDIA graphics hardware for quite some time now to virtualise graphic-intensive applications.

We typically host ‘on-premise’ CAD software in a private data centre location and allow users to access the application virtually, using NVIDIA technology on our hardware and Citrix virtualisation technology to deliver the application seamlessly over the internet.

Hosting graphic applications like this allows users to work without lag using any device, meaning they can use small and portable machines for the first time – and even work from anywhere.

Atlas Cloud + NVIDIA

We have an established, direct relationship with NVIDIA and are proud to call ourselves one of their preferred partners for virtualisation.

That means we can buy hardware directly from them and speak directly with them if troubleshooting is required for sophisticated requirements.

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