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UK law firms large and small depend on us for VDI and/or Microsoft 365 based solutions to increase billable time, boost scalability and retain top talent.

Choose a provider with a reassuringly secure promise.


Here’s the Executive Summary of managed IT services in your sector, but you can read more detailed information below or skip to the consultancy section.

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Leagl Sector I.T. SERVICES

We’re a long-time virtual desktop service provider and continue to be so.

But, lately, we’ve helped some transition to a newer solution with less complexity and more speed – with a minor trade-off in compliance, yet enough to pass high audits.


A staple solution at law firms for years now, where a desktop and/or on-premise app is streamed over the internet like Netflix does movies.

An emerging, secure Microsoft 365-based solution that enables productive work on multiple controlled devices, in a high compliance way.








Useful if:

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White Atlas Cloud writing with a 15 degree split between the two words

Our unique reassuringly secure approach.

White Atlas Cloud writing with a 15 degree split between the two words

Our unique reassuringly secure approach.

If it’s time for better IT support, talk to the experts in your sector.

I.T. Solutions to Secure your Law Firm

Our reassuringly secure promise goes deep into your sector. The Law Society recommends firms cover everything below – see how we can help you.




General safety

"Protect all devices with antivirus software"

"Keep IT systems up to date with regular patching"

"Encrypt mobile devices and install a system that can wipe them if they are lost"

"Avoid giving out admin accounts (able to access other accounts and install software) or access to payment systems unless necessary"

Review Assets

"Review financial and information assets (for example payment systems and IT equipment)"

"Review who has access to assets and how they are stored"

"Review firm’s policy on cybersecurity, appointing someone to oversee the policy"

Response Plan

"Documented cyber incident response plan should include who staff should alert if there is an attack, actions to take to stop the attack if it’s still happening and how to reduce damage afterwards"

Staff Training

"Knowledge to recognise common scams"

"Knowledge to avoid opening email attachments without knowing who or where they’re from"

"Knowledge to avoid connecting personal devices, for example memory sticks, to your network"

"Knowledge to avoid downloading unsafe apps or browsing on unsafe sites"


"Get the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) Cyber Essentials certification"

If you’re reviewing MSPs, we’d be delighted to hear from you.


“The team’s ability to prove the value of new software with compelling demonstrations is hugely valued and has supported the continued improvement of our firm’s IT operation. “We are delighted to work with such friendly and trustworthy individuals who have become close partners of the team.”

Jonathan Smith – Director of IT, Ward Hadaway


We know that performant virtual desktops – or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) – remain popular with law firms. If they don’t perform, then fee earners can’t earn. Additionally, having all client and case data secured in a SRA compliant datacentre significantly increases security which is the number 1 concern of law firms.

Understanding the changing needs of law firms is why Atlas Cloud are constantly innovating and providing new solutions to the market. Building on the success of our long-standing, traditional Citrix-based Private Cloud Virtual Desktop solution, Atlas Cloud now also support Azure Virtual Desktops – also powered by Citrix – to unlock the additional benefits of public cloud, as described below.

Private Cloud DaaS
Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)
Infrastructure Location
can be implemented globally if required
Infrastructure Uptime (SLA)
99.9% SLA
industry standard
99.995% SLA
can be boosted to 99.99999999999999% SLA
Infrastructure Resilience
Single resilient failover
16 global resilient failovers
Infrastructure Ownership
MSP (Managed Service Provider)
data stored on MSP-owned servers
Client Owned
data stored on client-owned servers
Infrastructure Management
Single MSP
complex migration required to change provider
no migration required to change provider
Infrastructure Performance
Fixed or Flexible
provision usually for current requirements only
provision easily modified for new requirements
Infrastructure Cost Model
Normally Fixed
unchanged with modest usage fluctuations
Variable (but predictable)
scales up/down by user volumes and their usage
Infrastructure Scalability
limited by procurement and hardware upgrades
instant provision
Infrastructure Architecture
Single- or multi-tenant
based on client preference
recommended for enhanced performance
Single- or multi-tenant
based on client preference
recommended for enhanced performance
Licencing Cost Model
Pay per user/month
Pay per user/month

Private Cloud DaaS

Some firms will prefer to stay with what they know and trust, or perhaps their CMS is dictating their choice. Atlas Cloud understands this and that’s why our private cloud data centre isn’t going anywhere. We remain committed to provisioning and servicing highly performant Private Cloud Virtual Desktops for our law firm customers.

Azure Virtual Desktops

This emerging technology can dramatically reduce the cost of ownership of IT and its ability to scale quickly and easily will help accelerate M&A transition. Azure’s uptime provides greater business continuity – especially assuring for conveyancers on those all-important Fridays.


The thoughts and opinions of our CEO, Pete Watson, have been published in various legal sector magazines and online news sites.
Our pioneering research during the pandemic was the first to realise the changing attitudes of UK lawyers, confirming that hybrid working is now the preference for the majority in the legal sector.

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Over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve surveyed 8,000 UK-based office-turned-home workers to learn how best to implement Hybrid Working.

We’ve also hosted a series of virtual events featuring hybrid working thought leader including Bruce Daisley. Our legal sector special event featured speakers from Acritas (part of Thomson Reuters), Baskerville Drummond Group, The Cashroom and Lawyer Checker, as well as of course Atlas Cloud’s own specialists.

A reassuring service

Atlas Cloud’s IT support services and remote helpdesk are the backbone of many in your sector. Check our case studies to hear what our customers say.


The Atlas Cloud standard level of service includes:

Comprehensive monthly reporting

Monthly effectiveness reports are emailed to chosen contacts each month. Real-time dashboards are available at request for no extra cost and can be customised for a small fee.

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open feedback loop

Good or bad, we openly publish our customer feedback scores each month. You can view figures from the last 12 months on our homepage.


The Atlas Cloud standard level of service includes:


We have a dedicated team for recognising and resolving recurring issues. Protected from the ongoing reactive Service Desk, they don’t get bogged down with day-to-day requests – helping to create a better overall service.

24/7 Support

We have a round-the-clock provision for “P1” incidents and infrastructure unavailability. Non-critical issues can be upgraded to 24/7 support at an additional cost.

Unique cyber security approach

Our proprietary Cyber Security MOT is standard with all managed services customers. It periodically assesses essential cyber risks, just like assessing motoring risks through a car MOT.

I.T. Consultancy Support

We’re more than a managed IT services provider. Our consultancy division can support with cyber security or cloud projects.