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What is a hosted application?

Our application hosting solution (also known as Application as a Service) has been specifically designed to allow companies to move their legacy applications off-premise and into a more accessible and secure cloud-hosted environment.

It is underpinned by Citrix DaaS technology, in the same way our hosted desktop service does.

Moving applications to our secure hosted environment also removes the age-old pain points of installing, maintaining and updating applications, tasks which historically ate up precious IT resources. With our cloud application hosting, everyone has access to the latest versions immediately following deployment. It’s a refreshing fix-once, fix for all approach.

For many companies, having to host legacy applications locally on dedicated servers has been a sticking point in moving to a preferred cloud-based solution for their IT. Using Atlas Cloud and hosting these applications in our secure environment enables companies to break away from troublesome on-premise servers. Our remote helpdesk manages it all.

Hosting applications outside of a tired on-premise solution is vital for today’s modern workplace where users expect to be able to access data from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This is especially important if your company operates across multiple sites or has users frequently visiting customer sites. Our managed application hosting services allow easy access and on-the-go collaboration, even when using resource-hungry, graphics-based applications. Utilising the vast processing power of the cloud ensures fast performance on any device.

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Examples of hosted applications

At Atlas Cloud we haven’t discovered an application yet that we couldn’t host. 

The below are just some examples of the applications that we are successfully hosting for our customers. But in reality, we can pretty much host any application that you can dream up.

3D graphics in the cloud

Leveraging NVIDIA virtual GPU cloud-accelerated solutions, Atlas Cloud can empower designers to access their local desktop and heavy-duty apps from a thin client, a laptop or a smartphone.

If you’re struggling for graphics power then GPU virtualisation is the solution for you.



Yes, as long as it’s compatible with Windows and your licencing agreement doesn’t forbid it.

No, you’ll benefit from fast cloud-based processing power, it may even be quicker.

Absolutely not, the best thing about our application hosting solution is that it runs on any device, regardless of age or spec.

Our data centres have passed key industry certifications including ISO 27001:2013. Also, our servers come with full virus and malware protection and advanced options to mitigate against ransomware attacks.

Yes, we can give you access to your application on any device running one of the most common operating systems e.g. iOS, Windows, Android etc.

Yes, as your application is hosted entirely in the cloud you just need an internet connection and then you can interact with it fully with no reduction in functionality.

The application will run exactly as it would if it were installed on your machine. The only difference is that you’ll be accessing it in our secure hosted environment.

No, we host it on our servers (we have a specialist SQL team) so there is no need for any hardware on your premises except a device with an internet connection e.g. a laptop, tablet or phone.


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Not just secure, reassuringly secure.

There are two types of IT service provider.

One will do everything possible to secure the technology they’re responsible for. The other will do everything possible to keep their customers’ cyber security risks low.

Atlas Cloud is the second type of provider.

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