Environmental policy of
Atlas Cloud Limited

Atlas Cloud Limited is a leading supplier of complete IT outsourcing, utilising cloud technology, to all private, public and charity sectors. Atlas Cloud Ltd. provide desktops in the cloud and guarantee outstanding levels of service, security, performance and energy efficiency.

We recognise that our activities impact upon the environment both through internal operations and through our influences and effects on the wider community. We acknowledge a responsibility for, and a commitment to, protection of the environment (i.e. pollution prevention) at all levels. We are certified to ISO14001 and all our procedures comply with this standard. The principles embraced in the ISO14001 standard have been embodied in our formal Management System.

All of our services are delivered by qualified and experienced employees. All work is in accordance with written procedures, with lines of responsibility and accountability defined checks incorporated. The management and all who work at Atlas Cloud are committed to the care of the environment and the prevention of pollution. Atlas Cloud seeks to minimise waste arising, promote recycling, reduce energy consumption and emissions and where possible, to work with suppliers, contractors and those working on behalf of the organisation who have sound environmental policies.

An essential feature of the Management System is a commitment to improving environmental performance. This is achieved by setting annual environmental improvement objectives and targets which are regularly monitored and reviewed. These objectives and targets are publicised throughout Atlas Cloud and all staff are committed to their achievement.

As such this policy:

  • Requires the setting and reviewing of Objectives, which derive from an analysis of the needs of interested parties, internal and external factors, mitigating actions and the performance of key processes.
  • Includes a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements (customers, legislative, statutory).
  • Commits Atlas Cloud to continually improve the Management System

This Environmental policy will be reviewed for continuing suitability.

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