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At Atlas Cloud we’re experts at providing hosted services to organisations in the charity and not-for-profit sector.

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How charities and NFPs can benefit from the cloud

How Atlas Cloud assists
the Charity & NFP Sector

At Atlas Cloud we’re experts at providing hosted services to organisations in the charity and not-for-profit sector. We work closely with them to get maximum IT performance without breaking the bank.

We understand that all charities need to keep their administrative costs to a minimum so they can focus as much money as possible on their charitable efforts. Many still require the same level of IT as other businesses but don’t have the budget. Fortunately, our cloud-based solutions can help charities get more for their money. Firstly, we are able to help with reduced licencing costs as many suppliers offer huge discounts for charities e.g. Microsoft 365 licences.

Secondly our Hosted Desktop service is the perfect way to get first-rate IT for less. As the hosted desktop is hosted in one of our UK based data centres all you need is an internet connection and you’ll get fast performance from a familiar Windows environment. This means you’ll get many more years out of your existing hardware and when you come to replace computers you can buy cheap thin-client devices which also use a lot less electricity. Also Hosted Desktops are ideal for Bring Your Own Device schemes with volunteers able to use their own devices (nothing is stored locally on their device so it’s all very secure). It also lets them work from home more easily, which is great if you don’t have the space in the office or don’t have the budget for more desks or PCs.

Not-for-profit organisations can also benefit from simple pay-monthly contracts which can be scaled up and down as needed. Our Managed Service customers get access to our award winning Support team. With many charities unable to afford expensive on-site servers or dedicated in-house IT resource, switching to our cloud hosted solutions allow them to have a productive IT setup without breaking the bank.

Keeping you secure
and always working

As a non-profit, you will be handling confidential and sensitive data every day of the year. Whether it is the details of people making donations, volunteers’ personal information or details of the people you are helping it is vital this information is kept secure. We take security seriously and offer a wide range of services which will help protect your data from cyber criminals or internal threats. We also have industry-leading security accreditations to back this up, including ISO 27001.

Keeping your IT infrastructure fully working is a priority for any business but especially charities as you need to be able to process donations and have your telephone support lines and websites available 24/7. We partner with Zerto to bring you the best Disaster Recovery and business continuity solutions available. It comes with a maximum downtime promise of 15 minutes and only a few seconds of lost data in the event of an outage.

A reassuring service

Atlas Cloud’s IT support services and remote helpdesk are the backbone of many in your sector. Check our case studies to hear what our customers say.


The Atlas Cloud standard level of service includes:

Comprehensive monthly reporting

Monthly effectiveness reports are emailed to chosen contacts each month. Real-time dashboards are available at request for no extra cost and can be customised for a small fee.

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open feedback loop

Good or bad, we openly publish our customer feedback scores each month. You can view figures from the last 12 months on our homepage.


The Atlas Cloud standard level of service includes:


We have a dedicated team for recognising and resolving recurring issues. Protected from the ongoing reactive Service Desk, they don’t get bogged down with day-to-day requests – helping to create a better overall service.

24/7 Support

We have a round-the-clock provision for “P1” incidents and infrastructure unavailability. Non-critical issues can be upgraded to 24/7 support at an additional cost.

Unique cyber security approach

Our proprietary Cyber Security MOT is standard with all managed services customers. It periodically assesses essential cyber risks, just like assessing motoring risks through a car MOT.

I.T. Consultancy Support

We’re more than a managed IT services provider. Our consultancy division can support with cyber security or cloud projects.

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Not just secure, reassuringly secure.

There are two types of IT service provider.

One will do everything possible to secure the technology they’re responsible for. The other will do everything possible to keep their customers’ cyber security risks low.

Atlas Cloud is the second type of provider.

Why does that matter? Read more about us or review our case studies.

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