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How the property sector can benefit from the cloud

How Atlas Cloud assists the Property Sector

Since 2010 Atlas Cloud have been providing cloud solutions to a wide range of industries but our services are perfect for the property sector. Whether you are an estate agent, letting agent, property manager, chartered surveyor or commercial surveyor we understand that a large part of your job involves being on the go.

In the past traveling to various properties or development sites has meant that you weren’t able to work as effectively as you did in the office. However, with our Hosted Desktops you can take your office with you wherever you are. Using any device, you can open up your Windows desktop session and have full access to Microsoft 365 including your emails, your customer data and applications. And what’s more you can resume exactly where you left off – no wasted time reopening or logging back into applications – making them perfect for a fragmented on-the-go work day.

Using cloud based technology allows you to be as productive on the move as you would be in the office. Next time you need to list a new property on your website you can enter details and photographs directly into your property management software while on site meaning less work to do when you get back in the office. Or if you dictate your notes you can download them while on site allowing your staff to work on them straight away while you’re traveling back to the office. Hosted desktops make you work smarter not harder.

Protecting data from external and internal threats

Working in the property sector means handling a lot of sensitive customer data including bank details in certain situations. As this sort of data is a target of cyber-attackers we understand that you need to keep this data secure yet accessible. Both us and our data centres are ISO 27001 accredit, which demonstrates our dedication to protecting sensitive data within GDPR regulations.

We also offer an industry-leading disaster recovery service powered by Zerto, which helps protect you from cyber threats and means your company will be up and running in minutes after an outage with only seconds of lost data.

Data loss from internal threats can unfortunately be a big problem within the property industry with employees trying to take key customer data with them when they leave. To protect your data, we offer an email resilience service which you can use to monitor suspicious activity. Powered by Mimecast this service also protects you from external threats including impersonation attacks.

We can also restrict USB access, block access to file sharing sites and remove a user’s ability to screenshot in order to prevent them taking data outside of your company.

Key applications on-the-move

If you aren’t looking to move to a full hosted desktop solution, we also offer the ability to take business critical applications which are usually served from an on-site server and move them into our secure cloud environment. This allows your users better access to mapping software (ArcGIS, Promap etc), dictation software or property management software via any device.

As we host the application for you it means you don’t need expensive on-site SQL servers that may be required to run the software. You can also use any spec device as the processing and graphics power sits in our data centres allowing fast speeds and performance on any type of device. This means you can kit your users out with low cost thin-client devices for use on-the-go. Now your users can say goodbye to the days of sketching out floor plans or land measurements on paper first, now they can create them in their mapping software while on site.

A reassuring service

Atlas Cloud’s IT support services and remote helpdesk are the backbone of many in your sector. Check our case studies to hear what our customers say.


The Atlas Cloud standard level of service includes:

Comprehensive monthly reporting

Monthly effectiveness reports are emailed to chosen contacts each month. Real-time dashboards are available at request for no extra cost and can be customised for a small fee.

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open feedback loop

Good or bad, we openly publish our customer feedback scores each month. You can view figures from the last 12 months on our homepage.


The Atlas Cloud standard level of service includes:


We have a dedicated team for recognising and resolving recurring issues. Protected from the ongoing reactive Service Desk, they don’t get bogged down with day-to-day requests – helping to create a better overall service.

24/7 Support

We have a round-the-clock provision for “P1” incidents and infrastructure unavailability. Non-critical issues can be upgraded to 24/7 support at an additional cost.

Unique cyber security approach

Our proprietary Cyber Security MOT is standard with all managed services customers. It periodically assesses essential cyber risks, just like assessing motoring risks through a car MOT.

I.T. Consultancy Support

We’re more than a managed IT services provider. Our consultancy division can support with cyber security or cloud projects.

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Not just secure, reassuringly secure.

There are two types of IT service provider.

One will do everything possible to secure the technology they’re responsible for. The other will do everything possible to keep their customers’ cyber security risks low.

Atlas Cloud is the second type of provider.

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